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Finale, Part 2

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The Final Runway

Back at the workroom, Melissa asks how the others think the judges would respond to her models walking with black fabric over their heads. She's only kidding but no one laughs. That makes me sad for her because Melissa was never a big joker and now she never will be. Not with that sort of reception. "Don't expect any more color, folks! One blood orange shmata and I'm out," is what she's thinking right now. Fabio interviews that he really enjoys Melissa's aesthetic and thinks that her collection is beautiful but he thinks that it needs some visual impact in respect to it being Fashion Week and all.

About Dmitry, Christopher says that it is well-made but is not original nor creative nor innovative. Ouch. About Christopher (Seriously, what the hell's going on here?), Dmitry says that he has no direction. He thinks that he has lost the competition for himself. I mean, honestly? It's kind of true. Suddenly, Christopher is reminding me of Michael Knight, who, when not defined by the parameters of a challenge, made the tackiest clothes ever. I'm still shocked that those clothes got to show at Fashion Week, though he was a complete sweetheart. Christopher isn't that bad but there's nothing really defining about his clothes right now. Where's that shredded fabric? Wouldn't this OF ALL TIMES be the time to deploy that weapon? No, he just makes a bunch of leather short shorts. I don't know what to think. He's right when he says that he was a frontrunner for the entire competition up until now. He's also right that they're doing him a favor to let him go to Fashion Week. There is nothing particularly standout in his collection. At least not in as much as we've seen so far.

Melissa goes into her hair consultation and gets a big hug from the L'Oreal guy. Melissa tells us that she's going with the ole faux-hawk French twist. You thought you'd seen the last of those, didn't you? Well, you wished you had seen the last of those for sure. Dmitry decides to do this foil thing that makes his girls look like they've got icebergs in their hair. While I keep thinking that the rigidity and sort of severity of his aesthetic is something that isn't a plus, I wonder if it truly has just been about the styling not matching. His girls always look chilly, so why not just go with it? Christopher just can't decide what he wants. Frankly, it's painful to watch. I don't understand how he can't have any ideas! It's like his brain has completely fallen apart. He goes back to the workroom and Melissa asks him how it went and he says that it's all fucked up. Have you ever seen someone have this much trouble with HAIR? It's starting to make me think that Christopher might be more of an editor or stylist and less of a designer. He's great at sort of taking away and working with limits, but left with this many possibilities and he's a total disaster.

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