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Finale, Part 2

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The Final Runway

The next morning, they all get to work in their fancy new workroom. Fabio recalls Nina telling him that his collection needs to look more luxurious. Y'all remember that Fabio told us he eats food that he found in dumpsters, right? Knowing what I know about him now, namely that he is maybe the love of my life (with stiff competition from some rando on the subway the other day), dumpster diving sounds like a really sensitive and soulful thing to do. Get your tetanus shots, people. Fabio says that he's going to try to create a couple more pieces that will up the sophistication level of his collection.

Dmitry remembers that the judges told him his collection was a little matronly. Michael had a problem with the styling and how old it seemed. He's going to spend his time restyling and making sure his girls look young and sexy. I don't find the collection old as much as it seems really severe. I'm not entirely sure it can be softened. I feel like Evita would wear his clothes were she still kicking. Or Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher.

Christopher seems really hung up on the judges' criticisms. He was confused by their complaints that he wasn't showing enough color. He thinks that what he showed them should have been expected given what he presented (and was rewarded for) during the season. I understand his confusion in a sense, but his attitude bothers me.

Melissa remembers back to Nina saying she was limited because she used only black and white. She says that she didn't sleep the night before. She has decided that she will makes something with color and she will make a dress.

Tim comes in and tells them that they will have model fittings as well as hair and make-up consultations. They will also get to take a trip to Mood with 300 extra dollars. Melissa hoots with joy because she is out of fabric and thought she was going to have to sew scraps together in order to make some sort of sad "mish mosh." Tim cautions them against trying to create new collections. They're just trying to polish the collections that they have. Bitches gotta make it work.

At Mood, Fabio looks for an expensive-looking fabric that will move the way he wants it to move. Dmitry decides that he needs to make an expensive top. The fabric that he finds is not exactly what he wants, but he's in a good place. Christopher decides to make a dress but is having problems finding the fabric that he wants. OK, Christopher has hit a wall. He's gone into a pissy spiral and I KNOW the feeling but he's seriously fucking everything up for himself right now. He's feeling so indignant about the criticism that he got that he's not focusing on the challenge. I think he's making a huge mistake. Melissa finds a blood orange leather fabric and she's looking pretty positive right now.

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