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Finale, Part 2

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The Final Runway

They think that Melissa exhibited her point-of-view to great effect. Several of the dresses they thought were great, but they think there was nothing surprising. Nina doesn't know that there will be anything different in Melissa's work than what is already on the market.

They loved how dramatic a difference Fabio's show was from everyone else's. He understands the element of surprise. Heidi says that nothing was bad in his collection. Michael says that a great designer needs to know what people want before they want it, which he relates to the use of pastels. But, they're not sure he could do that all the time.

They all feel that Dmitry made his collection very young. Nina thinks that his work is polished yet commercial. Jennifer says that he's ready. She thinks he will make it, even if he doesn't win. Fabio, however, she thinks could use the push. They're clearly battling between Dmitry and Fabio. Oh God.

The designers return to the stage. Heidi tells them that they should be very proud of themselves. She commends Christopher on his use of prints, but they think that he still needs to grow. He is out. He thanks them and says that he can only feel happy. He interviews that he is bummed, but he's fine. He goes backstage and gets hugs and kisses from his family. His sweet boyfriend is crying, which breaks my heart. Melissa is also out. Heidi says they think they'll see more of her in the future. Nothing more. Melissa interviews that she got to show her stuff and she loves it. She's fine. Her mom is crying backstage, but she seems fine. She cries when she hugs Christopher. She tells him that he worked so hard and he should be so proud of himself. Bless his heart, still not content to go softly into the night, he cries and says that this is crazy and that he'll be really upset if Fabio doesn't win. Come on with the sour grapes! Just smile and get ready for a week of non-stop sleep and sex. Not sure what everyone else would be doing. I'm just saying.

Onstage, Heidi tells Fabio that he listened to their feedback and his collection was a breath of fresh air. She tells Dmitry that he put on a real show and his work was wearable and glamorous. Dmitry is... the winner of Project Runway. Heidi tells him that he has his wings and he can fly now. Poor Fabio hangs his head. Heidi seems so sad to tell him that he lost. He says that he feels like he has wings now too. Wow, so I'm crying maybe. He gets his kisses from Heidi then he hugs Dmitry. He interviews tearfully that he's strong enough to hold his head high and know that this has been a blessing. He's just sad because his mother is sad and OH MY GOD this is really emotional. He says that he wanted to win so that he could pay her bills and pay his bills. I hate TV. He hugs Melissa and tells her that he's proud of her. Christopher says that he demands a recount. Whatever. He says that he got what he wanted -- he went on the best fashion show and did his best. Ugh. I love him.

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