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Finale, Part 2

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The Final Runway
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Previously: The designers were sent home to make collections, but only three were guaranteed a spot in the finale. Everyone got criticized on the runway. In the end, they were all passed through, though they were given lots of notes for improvement. The show is in two days!

We start backstage at Parson's. It's after the previous runway show and the designers are sitting around looking excited and exhausted. Tim comes in and says that his wish came true and hugs all of them. Several of them are watery-eyed and he says that this is not a time for tears. He beseeches them not to over think things this evening, but to shuffle a deck of cards in their heads and the next day they will go over the various components. Also, Tim will guess the card that is stuck to his forehead. Tim and party tricks -- two great tastes that go together.

Later, at the Yotel Hotel, which really bothers me to have to type, I mean, just... come on with your name -- so, Fabio's playing pool. Christopher whines that it's really hard to be happy right now. Fabio doesn't have that same problem, nor does he have a problem completely ignoring what Christopher said. He says that he had a feeling and he acknowledges that Melissa didn't share that feeling, but he had a feeling that everyone would go through. It made sense to him. They all have distinctive points-of-view and that's what the show seems to be looking for. Melissa seems shell-shocked.

Christopher says that he feels like the judges ripped up what he had done and threw it down the sink, which I hope is a garbage disposal because otherwise stuff that is ripped would just sort of hang out in the drain and then there would be a clog and welcome to another rousing game of LET'S GET LITERAL where I take way too seriously the impromptu and mixed metaphors of these poor tired people as they're just sitting around talking. Anyway, he interviews that the judges were like "There are no clothes." Cut to Nina talking about how skimpy everything was. He seems to be mocking everything she said, which is not a good sign. He interviews that he has been a front-runner during the entire competition and now they're acting like they are doing him a favor by letting him be there. Wow. It looks like he was actually done a disservice earlier by not having gotten more criticism. He has never had to really take a note yet. And, honestly, it doesn't look like he's prepared to do it now. Fabio is still trying to enjoy the moment a little and proposes a toast. Dmitry agrees and interviews that this is a dream come true and a time to really be proud of yourself. Fabio says that they should just go to sleep and wake up with some positivity.

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