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Previously: The designers were given another challenge before they left for home to make their collections. They had to make a wedding dress that encapsulated their collections. Tim Gunn visited all of the designers at their homes. Leanne and Kenley both got huge praise from Tim when he saw their collections. Korto got slightly less praise. He just had problems with Jerell's stuff. When they all got back to New York, they were given yet ANOTHER challenge. They had to create a bridesmaid dress to go with the wedding dress. On the runway, they presented the two challenge dresses. Leanne and Kenley were the clear winners-- though Kenley was heavily and questionably influenced by Alexander McQueen. Korto had some issues with editing and taste in her looks, while Jerell's was sort of overt-the-top and a mess. He was sent home where he will continue life with his "love interest." Seriously, I can't really get over that.

And then there were three. I guess this is the final episode of the season. No one explained to me that there wouldn't be a reunion show this year. What is that about? Sure, they are usually anticlimactic and ultimately boring, but the promise of the reunion show is so necessary. I feel robbed.

It's morning and the designers are in still in the Westin. I guess Kenley gets a room to herself now. Korto is ironing her clothes and says that they're mourning that morning because "her Jerelly" is gone. She interviews that her heart breaks for Jerell. Leanne interviews that it's a "Project Runway first" for there to be three women in the finale. She's very proud of that. I am, unfortunately (I guess), not moved at all by that news. Really, who cares? Leanne says that she's going to be a fighter until she is the last person standing on the runway.

At the workroom, they're working before Tim gets there. When he arrives, he congratulates them for making it to the final three. Now, he has two announcements. Somebody's going to cut him if there's another challenge. He tells them that they will be presenting 10 looks at Bryant Park, so they will need to edit two from their current collections. Announcement #2 -- he's sending them to their model casting.

We see the designers plus John Pfeiffer sitting at a table. Girls are walking for them and we see Kenley tell Korto, "There's your hair." Korto says that she's looking for girls with a lot of hair, so she can do "big Asian buns." Leanne says that she likes girls who look like aliens. Leanne expressed an interest in one of the girls and Kenley tells her that, in addition to the girl looking like an alien, she is also soft, much like Leanne's collection. Leanne interviews that she's completely annoyed with Kenley telling her what models to choose. Jesus, give her a break. The girl is just trying to foster some sort of human connection after her heart was irreparably frozen so many years ago on that tugboat.

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