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Before I begin, I have to state for the record that my general reaction to the finale was as follows: Zzzzz. I mean, I stayed awake for the clothes, and at that point I believe I said something like: "Zzzz... mmph? Tim's mad. All black? Eh. Hm. Zzzz." And then we got to the end, and it went something like, "Huh? WHATEVER," and I forcefully pushed the power button on my remote, to which only so much force can really be applied, but look, I meant it to sting.

So, you know, pweviously on Pwojek Wunway, Althea, Carol Hannah and Irina were chosen as the final three. They went off, worked on their designs, were visited by the ghost of Christmas Fabulous, Tim Gunn, and showed back up in New York for the final few days of preparations. Irina plagiarized some stuff. They had to make a surprise 13th look; Logan, Christopher and Gordana came in to help; Carol Hannah barfed everywhere.

With two days to go until the runway show, Carol Hannah is still feeling sick to her stomach. "This is a really critical point, and there's a lot of work ahead," she interviews, "and if I'm lying with my head in the toilet, that's not really helpful." Well, it's not helpful to you, but it would be helpful to your competition. Speak of the devil: "I kind of really do feel for her," Irina says. "But there's really nothing I could do to help her." The operative words there? "Kind of." CH continues in her interview to say that the nausea is overwhelming and if she continues to feel like this, it's not going to be a good day. Come on, girl! Time to rally.

In the workroom, everyone looks beat. Carol Hannah is already crying as they walk in. Logan comes over, very sweetly I think, to give her a hug. Everybody is hanging by a thread (har har), even the ever-confident Irina. Gordana says in an interview that "she's not hundred percent cool" as she usually is. I love Gordana, and no doubt Irina does, as well. "I won't queet on you, I promize," Gordana tells her as she tailors one of Irina's designs. "Thank you, Gordana," Irina says, her voice obviously betraying her fatigue. "I'm counting on you." No question, the luckiest break Irina received was when Althea chose Logan as her assistant, opening the door for her to be able to pick Gordana. She can take the pressure, and she can sew better than anyone in the room.

As Althea discusses with Logan about which seams she'd like to leave exposed, Carol Hannah breaks down again across the room. She is sick, y'all. Christopher comes around the table to comfort her as everyone else looks on with pity. "I'm happy that I'm there," Christopher interviews. "I can be there to sort of comfort her for a moment, but then get back to being her tailor and finisher and get this stuff done." CH cries a little that this sickness thing is not how all of this is supposed to go, but she seems to pull herself together quickly. How bad would it suck to be sick on like, the biggest day of your life so far? She groggily thanks Christopher for continuing to plug away while she heads out with the other ladies for model makeup trials and fittings.

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