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Always Another Challenge, Never a Bride
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Previously: The remaining four designers were required to design evening looks inspired by nature (flowers, to be specific). The gloves came off in regards to everyone's feelings about Kenley. On the runway, Leanne, Korto, and Jerell all said that Kenley should be sent home. Also, the judges told her that her smugness and defensiveness made them want to send her home. Tears everywhere. Jerell's design was declared the winner. All of the designers were sent home and told to create a collection. Upon their return, one of them will be eliminated.

The designers are still at the runway. Heidi enters carrying the velvet button bag. She congratulates them for making it this far. They will all have eight thousand dollars to create their collections, which will consist of 10 looks. They'll have two months to put it together. She reminds them that only three of them will compete for the prize. She says that the evening gowns created in the last challenge were a "misstep" for the designers. Thanks, Heidi. But, they still think that the designers will be able to do something great. And, they're all being sent home with one more challenge. They can't stop it with the challenges, can they? They have to create, for their collection, a wedding dress that represents them as designers. It also needs to be a cohesive part of their line. I guess that's not so bad. A lot of shows end with a wedding dress. Or, at the very least, it's a conceit that's not totally bizarre. Korto interviews that she's a little annoyed because she thought they were free, but she's still going to bring it and work it, respectively.

Heidi says that they will be keeping their models from the last challenge. Now, she brings out "a familiar face." It's just Tim. He says, "It's just me." He tells them that he will be checking in with them at their homes in the next month. Geez, I hope they get some warning. Can you imagine? A knock on your door and you are in your underwear making a dress. He tells them to "Do it!" And Heidi requests that they amaze them. Sounds simple.

We're in the lobby of the Atlas Building and Kenley is wheeling her stuff out. She interviews that she was "completely sabotaged" in the last challenge by the other designers. You could say that. Or, you could say that you reaped the results of your behavior towards everyone up to this point. I have a feeling that more people are going to agree with my interpretation. She walks past Jerell and out the door without saying anything. Korto and Leanne are right behind Kenley and they stop and hug Jerell. He makes a joke about there previously being one other person with them. Korto interviews that it was typical Kenley -- "rude as hell." She says that she's glad that the judges called her out on her attitude, but she doesn't think their remarks will change her. She's probably right.

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