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Previously: The designers had to create a look inspired by New York. Mondo, Andy, Other Michael and Gretchen made it through to Fashion Week, while April was sadly sent home. But, it's not over yet. They're all going home to create their collections and only tree will get to show at Lincoln Center.

Heidi greets the designers. She tells them that they will get nine grand and six weeks at home to create their collections. Gretchen grasps her heart with relief? Probably a little anxiety too. Tim comes out onstage to tell them that he will be visiting them at home as they're working. Gretchen interviews that she was actually feeling exhaustion. It's tough knowing that she has to bust her ass at home.

As they're packing up at the Atlas Building, Mondo remembers that he felt like the odd man out at the beginning of the show. Now, though, he knows that he has a greater purpose and will make it with or without this opportunity. I believe him that he's gone through a change. He totally seems like a different person. Gretchen interviews that she knows that she has what it takes to show at Fashion Week. As they're leaving, Andy says that he has some beaches to go to (Hawaii). Other Michael interviews that he doesn't want to say that he's going to have the last laugh, then he laughs. It's not the last yet, OM. There's still more things to laugh at. Andy interviews that he knows that he can make a collection that is him, yet still surprising. The mannequins are like, "Is this week 2? No? The finale? Oh, he's still just saying the same thing over and over again. Got it. Could someone stick some pins in us? We need to feel again." Andy, while talented, seems awfully full of rhetoric. I guess that's what you do when you're young and want to be taken seriously. Luckily, that last part was never a big concern of mine. Luckily or unfortunately. Thanks for the self-doubt, Andrew.

A month later, Tim visits Andy in Waianae, Hawaii. Andy shows Tim around their vast farm. He shows Tim their catfish breeding place. Tim is terrified of catfish, which Andy compares in appearance to Chinese men. Andy tells us that his parents are from Laos and he had a different upbringing (lots of chores) that the other kids didn't have and for which he is grateful. He says that, hands-down, his mother is his greatest supporter. We see Andy's mother, who Tim greets exuberantly. We also see Andy's lovely friend Jill. There's a spread of food that Tim says smells terrific. Andy says that his mother sometimes leaves him breathless with the extent to which she will sacrifice for him. That's a really wonderful sentiment and kudos to him for realizing that at his young age.

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