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Y'all, we are near the end. The three young women who have made it this far now greet Heidi at the runway. "I'm gonna give each of you nine thousand dollars," she tells them, to their great delight. They will have an unspecified "next few months" to complete their collections for Bryant Park. "Now let's bring someone out that you have all grown very close to," Heidi says, and behind the scrim appears the dapper silhouette of the marvelous Tim Gunn. "Designerssss," he says, as the girls giggle with glee. "I am more proud of you than I can adequately express. You're going to Bryant Park! It's fashion's biggest stage!" He adds that he'll be checking in on them over the next couple of months, and Heidi wishes them luck. The two of them leave the stage with their arms around each other, and go behind the screen. "Whattya wanna do tonight?" we hear Heidi ask. "I don't know," Tim answers. "What do you think?" Heidi: "I think we should go party, party!" Then, I am not lying, they break into dance, up to and including booty-bumping. It is beyond all telling -- oh, TG, why did I never realize what I was missing when I did not watch this show for so long?

And, with that, they're off. The ladies return to their room to pack up. Althea, who is so unnecessarily insecure, attempts to be friendly to the completely undeserving-of-her-friendship Irina. "There's definitely been some tension between me and Irina," she says, "since she called me out on the runway for copying her, without ever talking to me about it." We see again the clip of Irina claiming on the runway that "there has been a little bit resemblance of things in the workroom." Whatever. Like you invented sweaters? Shut up. Althea says she is not going to forgive and forget. "Well, I forgive," she says. "But I'm not gonna forget." Okay, not what Jesus would do, but who can cast the first stone? I would have a hard time forgiving, as well, especially because Irina seems so uninterested in being forgiven. "I think Carol Hannah and Althea, they are intimidated," Irina says with a pretty smile in an interview. "They know I've done well, so they are expecting me to take the big guns to Bryant Park. But, I'm bringing a tank. I'm taking a whole army with me if I have to."

Look, I admire confidence. I think it is so necessary and, if you are a creative person who wants to create things for a living, being confident is more than half the battle. But smugness? It's unattractive, especially when it is not justified. You win the Superbowl? You can be smug. But if you're just getting to the playoffs? Not the time to be counting your chickens.

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