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Previously: The designers created a cost-conscious design for Nanette Lepore. Kenley proved that she is as stubborn as ever and wouldn't accept even the most gentle advice, which left the door open for Other Michael to have a place in the finals. Suddenly, I recall that Wendy Pepper made it to the finals of her season. Man, where's Wendy Pepper (don't tell me if it involves hospitals or jail)? I mean, this is happening. Michael Costello is one of three people considered to be the most talented "all-stars" on this program. Am I just being a snob or is this actually stunning?

Angela greets the designers on the runway and remarks that Austin has shaved his mustache. You mean, the mustache that disappeared and reappeared throughout this season? Yeah, I'm familiar. He interviews that he shaved in order to have a fresh start and "a renaissance, as it were." I really do love Austin. Mondo, who seems to be revolted by every single move that Austin makes, says that he went from looking like Errol Flynn to Kermit the Frog. That's funny because Mondo really does have the body of Kermit, right? And, Austin really does have the soul of Miss Piggy. What does it all MEAN?

Angela welcomes Georgina and Isaac to the stage and Georgina announces that the final challenge is to create a mini collection of five looks. In four days. Crazy. Later, the designers go to the Hearst Building to meet with Joanna. This dude, Sergio Kletnoy, greets them. He is an executive assistant at Marie Claire. He seems way cool and totally OVER everything. He's like, "Hey guys." He's wearing a baseball cap and is just generally really chill. I'd like to have his job. Someone? Work on that for me. Internet headhunters, I'd like to be Anne Hathaway in that movie about Satan, but I want it to be super casual and I'd like to be able to wear whatever I want and be like "Hey guys" to people who are visiting the office. And, I'd like health insurance. And, I'd like there to be company snacks. It can even be my job to order them.

Sergio leads the designers through the office. They pass, and this is probably totally a coincidence, Joanna in an office leading a meeting. How serendipitous? How lucky are we? Now we have this real insider view of what goes on inside the offices of Marie Claire. I could practically run the place now. Sleep with one eye open, Sergio. I'm coming for you. They are led to a meeting room with a really beautiful view of the city. Everyone talks about how this is such a huge experience and all that. Yeah, yeah. I want to know what they think about Sergio.

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