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Fashion Week

Previously: Kara Saun was a costume designer working in Hollywood. Jay McCarroll worked in porn, with dreams of being a fashion designer. Wendy Pepper was a married-with-child dressmaker from Virginia. She let us know early on that she would do whatever it took to make it to the end of the competition. These guys are the final three, and this is the end of the line. Fashion Week!

We see a quick montage, showing the elimination of each designer. Among those clips, we see such things as Kara Saun giving Wendy a much needed makeover and Jay discovering his competitive streak. In case any regular viewers had forgotten since the previous episode or any newcomers couldn't tell by looking at her evil mug, we are treated to a buffet of Wendy's wrongdoings. Kara Saun and Jay are hugely disappointed to see Wendy make it to the final three.

Heidi greets the three remaining designers on the runway. Jay has what I recognize as an Isaac Mizrahi from Target pillowcase on his head. They're nothing if not versatile. I love Jay to death, but I think it's time for him to move to a softer look. Too much time in the porn world has given him too rough an edge. I guess. Maybe too much time in the fashion world did that. Heidi says that each of the designers will be given $8000. They will have five months at home to create a twelve-piece collection for Olympus Fashion Week. She hands each of them a gigantic check -- not charity donation or Publisher's Clearing House gigantic, but nobody has a checkbook that large. It's time to choose the models. Whichever of the models is associated with the winning designer will get to be in the Elle fashion spread, wearing the designer's work. Everyone chooses his or her previous favorite. Wendy takes Melissa, who seems really excited and interviews that she is happy to be "at Wendy's side." Whatever, she's young, although she has recently had a birthday and is now a worldly seventeen. Jay just groans and hands Julia his red button as she laughs. Kara Saun chooses Jenny. Martinique is totally a good sport about the whole thing. She interviews, "It is what it is." And, it is. The remaining models hug backstage. So long, Martinique! And, so long buttons. No more of you this season.

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