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Previously: The designers had the awesome task designing an outfit for a drag queen. Several of the designers totally knocked it out of the park and created designs that were exciting and dramatic. Then, there were Keith and Daniel. Keith repeated his frayed swatch look and the judges hated it. Daniel insisted on being a snob, even during the Drag Queen Challenge. Snobs everywhere hung their head in shame. So, he was sent home with his aristocratic, high-end taste. I hope they'll be happy together.

It's morning in New York. The clouds are moving really fast. There's a newsstand. We're still being haunted by that issue of Elle with Mary-Kate Olsen on the cover. For the love of God, let's move on. At the Atlas Building, Kenley interviews that she was sad that Daniel was sent home. She says he was her best friend of the designers and they worked side-by-side. Dust to dust though, and she's anxious to see what the next challenge will be.

In the boys' apartment, Keith is tying his shoes and we hear an interview where he says that he doesn't know how to "handle" being in the bottom two in the last challenge. He feels overwhelmed. It reinforces why he's there -- he wants to change the way the world dresses. Oh, Keith. He is soooooo SERIOUS. For real, could someone get this guy high or something? I understand how difficult it must get to evaluate your own ideas as this competition goes on, what with the exhaustion and the criticism. You'd probably be afraid to trust yourself. Or, it might just make you very defensive. But, this guy needs to fucking breathe. He's not going to last much longer at this level of intensity.

At Parson's, Heidi enters the runway carrying the velvet button bag. She greets the designers and tells them that they will choose models before they learn about the next challenge. Joe's model is brought out -- as well as Kelli's and Daniel's models. News flash, this is also a competition for the models. I know, right? Joe says that he would like to "keep the peace in the modeling world." So, he's going to stick to his model, Topacio. That means so long to Germaine and Elena. Stiff upper lip, girls.

Heidi asks the designers if they are ready for their next challenge and they weakly affirm that they are. She tells them to go to the roof of 142 West 31st Street where they will hear about the challenge. That's all she's going to say -- they hit the door.

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