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The real competition has begun, now that the nutty people and the less-capable designers have been sent home. I do miss Malvin, frankly. I still think his austing was unfortunate.

It is the morning of a new challenge and everyone is getting ready. Carol Hannah is putting on her eye makeup... with a chimney brush. She unfortunately styles herself every day to look like she just woke up from being out drinking all night, and while that is certainly sexy on occasion, if you do it every day it comes off a bit... how shall I say it? Essence of Tara Reid. We don't want that, CH. She says that they all realize that they are narrowing down to the designers who really "have it together." But, she adds, "someone has to go home, so that's a little bit scary." Meanwhile, my beloved Gordana diligently irons her clothes and hope that the challenge doesn't have some weird twist to it.

In the men's bedroom, Johnny sings a little song of insecurity about how he will never be in the bottom three again. He says in an interview that being in the bottom three is probably the most icky feeling he's ever felt. He says that he's really focused now. "I really want to get to Bryant Park," he says. "So, I'm just trying to get my job done." Good idea.

Althea is hoping she can show the judges that her win last week was not a fluke, and that she is really talented. The judges may already know this, but Irina, for one, does not agree. "Althea ends up winning," she snarks in an interview, complete with eye-rolling, "and I was in utter shock." She says she'd be the first to congratulate anyone who wins if she feels like their win was well-earned, but "that wasn't." Irina, you sly dog. Waiting until episode five to carve out the Bitch Niche. Interesting.

Maybe she's been working on it a lot behind the scenes, though, because it seems Nicolas, for one, has put on her on his People Who Do Not Deserve To Be Here list. At the top of that list, however, is Johnny.

At the runway, Heidi appears in high-waisted pants and a black-and-white striped t-shirt, looking kind of overly casual. But, as usual, the outfit is themed. This week, she says, the answers "will all be in black and white." Everyone gasps like they know exactly what she is talking about which obviously none of them do. "Because we're in L.A.," Logan says in an interview, "my thoughts instantly go to like, old Hollywood black-and-white movies." You wish, gorgeous. Instead, they are met by the always-educational Tim Gunn, who takes them on a little trip to the L.A. Times. Exciting! Indeed, seeing a newspaper press will soon be tantamount to visiting a museum, considering the current state of journalism, so this is pretty cool. Tim introduces Booth Moore, "the celebrated fashion critic" of the L.A. Times. She tells them that for their next challenge, they'll be bringing all their experience to bear at a practical level and using pages from the newspaper to create their next look. "Our material is newspaper," Nicolas interviews. "Ummm, yyyeah. I'm speechless." Imagine the most "whatever" 14-year-old girl saying that in her most "whatever" attitude, and you might have the tone right.

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