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Previously: Marion's shapeless burlap concoction was rightfully booted off the runway and out of our lives. I still feel a little bummed that Marion left, because I think it would have been interesting to see him develop as a personality, but I was definitely not feeling his designs. Well, I was feeling them, but they were giving me a rash.

It's grooming time at the apartments. A shirtless and toweled Jack tells a shirtless and pantied Kevin, "Your Nice N' Easy is in here," pointing at the medicine cabinet and referring to Kevin's impossibly raven hair. That's funny, and made all the more enjoyable by the shirtless aspect of the tableaux. Sorry, it's true.

Jack interviews that being on Project Runway is the "experience of a lifetime." Then we see him using what looks like an inhaler while sitting amongst a sea of pill bottles. He informs us that he has been HIV-positive for 17 years. Damn. He also says that he has never felt better in his life. That's not hard to believe, considering his body is ridiculous. He continues, saying that his goal is to show at Bryant Park.

In the living room of 33H, Rami asks Chris what he thinks Marion is doing right now. Wasn't he eliminated a few hours ago? I can't believe they still remember his name. Onwards and upwards, guys. Don't look back. Chris says he doesn't even want to think about it. Then he jokes, "Why couldn't they have just got rid of Christian? Nobody would've cried." Christian enters from the kitchen with a comic stunned expression that makes everyone laugh. "You know what," he says, "you would be so bored if I left." Chris agrees.

Christian interviews that, after almost being eliminated, he has lost some of his confidence. But he's still confident that he's better than a lot of the other designers. Is this a turning point? I don't know; something about that almost seemed self-aware. And kinda true. Christian is clearly talented, but, up to this point, he has been a bit tired with the "Nobody's as good as me" rap.

At Parson's, Heidi greets the designers and informs them that they won't be needing their models for the next challenge. Everyone seems shocked. Heidi says that this challenge will be a "first" for the show. Then she says that she's sending them on a field trip. They have to meet Tim Gunn at 10 Rockefeller Plaza to find out about their next challenge. That's the "field"? I was hoping for a goat farm or a shipbuilding yard. I never win!

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