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Previously: The designers had to accost people on the streets of New York and beg them to give them their clothes so that they could serve as muses. Some people agreed. Mondo won the challenge. Sadly, Anthony's look got him sent home. I think it's worth repeating that Jerell created maybe the most ridiculous outfit this side of manic depression. And, he's still with us.

All of the designers are hanging out in the Flatotel, Mondo says to Kenley that the reason he gives her such a hard time is because he had a crush on her. Heh. He says that then she opened her mouth and he was like, "Wah, Wahhh." She replies, "Mondo?!!" Mondo interviews that he knows that Kenley is loud and obnoxious but he likes to push her buttons. I'll say it again -- Kenley may be straight up tug boat but she's so much more bearable now that she's not corrosively defensive and mean-spirited. I prefer this. Mila comes out of her room and says that it's time for them to get to the workroom. Gloomy Mila.

On the runway, Angela comes out with a bunch of weekend bags. Everybody has to choose one. Mondo gets to choose first since he won the last challenge and goes with an orange leather bag that he says is the most sophisticated. Inside of each of the bags is a luggage tag with a placard reading one of the seasons of the year. They have to create a weekend look using the season that they've been assigned. Austin and Kara get Spring, Jerell and Michael are Winter, Mondo and Kenley are Summer, which leaves Mila and Rami as Autumn. Angela says that this will be a face-off and each season will have a low and high score, which means they are competing directly with each other. They're only going to have one day to complete the challenge.

Back at the workroom, everyone starts to sketch. Per Angela's instructions, they're adhering closely to the guideline that they know who their girl is and where she's going. Mila says that her girl is a New York artist attending the arts festival in Marfa, Texas. That is so specific. Austin's girl has a house in the country. Austin jokes with Kara that he's certain to win if she makes what she's sketching. Then, she jokes that he should make pleated pants with a baggy top and a big cardigan. Mila tells them all that it's time for them to go to Mood and Austin calls her "Lady Mila Killjoy." Well, that's just about perfect, I'd say. She shrugs her shoulders like, "They made me say it!" But I don't care. That's going to stick for me.

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