by Mindy Monez September 3, 2008
The Christian Siriano Interview We sat down with Project Runway 4's Christian Siriano, the hardest working reality competition show winner in show business, to talk crazy fans, what he thinks of the current PR season, who's trannie, and so much more.

TWoP: Hi, Christian! How's fame? Is it annoying yet?

CS: No, it's good! It's just so busy I'm gonna vomit every day!

TWoP: Can you walk the streets without being mobbed?

CS: Yeah... no. No.

TWoP: Do you have any crazy fan stories?

CS: I've had weird ones. Like the other night I was out to dinner and this guy just came over and asked me to kiss his child, like, his baby. To I guess basically bless his child. But it wasn't like he was asking. He stuck the child in my face -- and the baby was a newborn. Stuck it in my face like that! [Makes throwing newborn in my face gesture.] It was the scariest thing.

TWoP: Were you eating?

CS: Oh, totally eating! And everyone in the entire restaurant was staring at me, it was so awkward. I mean, I've had the weirdest things, you know? People are just freaks out there. But it's nice. I mean, everybody's really friendly, and if they ask to take pictures I'll happily do it for two or three hours because I like to make sure everybody gets it. If they don't I'll feel bad, so I like to make my poor boyfriend wait around for three hours.

[At this point, Christian sees a promo for America's Next Top Model on TV.]

CS: [Gasps] Top Model!

TWoP: It's coming back! Are you a big fan?

CS: I know! I'm on this season!

TWoP: For the whole season?!

CS: No, just one episode.

TWoP: That's great! We love your cameos. Do you have any others coming up?

CS: Well, I'm going to be doing an episode of Top Model, I haven't filmed it yet, but it'll be for the new season. I did an episode of The Biggest Loser, but I don't know if I should really say yet, because they're kind of hush-hush. I did a thing with the Tyra show and The Biggest Loser; that was probably the most recent thing, but you know, just pop-ups here and there.

TWoP: Well, let's talk about your spring collection. It debuts next month. How's it going?

CS: Spring! Gah!!! It's coming together.

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