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Previously: Jack left the show due to a staph infection on his face, and Chris was brought back from the dead. Christian won his first challenge with his design for a lady who had recently lost a lot of weight, and Stephen was sent packing because his source material was a really hideous wedding dress that he didn't make work.

It's morning at the Gotham apartments, and Kevin is lamenting the loss of his final roommate, Stephen. He says it's like he lost his "fucking cubicle buddy" and he's sad. That doesn't say a whole lot for the Project Runway experience, if your roommate was like your cubicle buddy. Cubicles suck.

In the other guy apartment, Ricky asks how everyone feels about Stephen being eliminated. Christian says flatly that he doesn't care. Actually, Christian says everything flatly, doesn't he? He's a talented guy, but I find the whole "droll arbiter of what's good" persona that he seems to be trying so hard to project very tiresome. Chris belly laughs at Christian's dismissal of Stephen. Yeah, laugh it up Chris. Sister Christian doesn't have any kinder critiques for you. Christian does follow up with a good point though. He says that Stephen didn't get eliminated because he had to work with an ugly wedding dress; he lost because he created a whole other dress that was ugly. Now, I'd agree about the whole other dress being ugly. The wedding dress was by far the hardest of the source materials to work with, but Stephen's interpretation was stinky. And Christian is annoying.

In the girls' apartment, Sweet P, Kit, and Jillian are discussing the possibilities of the upcoming challenge. Jillian thinks that, five challenges in, what else is left to do? Sweet P says that the first challenge was the only challenge that was supposed to represent them as designers, which is untrue. The SJP challenge and the dead trends challenge both required the designers to express their personal visions. Sweet P interviews that she's thrilled that she's still hanging on and in the competition. She says she wants to go to Bryant Park and win. I want to control the weather. Both of us are going to be disappointed, I'm afraid. I like Sweet P, but, as unique as her appearance is, doesn't she perfectly fit the Project Runway archetypical "middle-of-the-packer" mold? In that regard, she's completely interchangeable with about a dozen other designers from past seasons. Kit notes that they are at the sixth challenge-- "half-way there"-- and they are out the door and on their way to Parsons.

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