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Even Designers Get The Blues

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Even Designers Get The Blues
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Previously, the designers worked in the avant-garde. Christian won the challenge, while Kit was eliminated. Even though Ricky deserved to get his ass handed to him.

It's morning and Victorya calls Sweet P "Kit." Twice. This makes Sweet P sad. In the boys' apartment, they discuss that none of them have been sent home yet. At least not permanently.

On the runway, Heidi brings out the models of the winning and losing designers. Christian stays with Lisa, so Marie goes home. He blows kisses to Marie and says, "Thank you more than life." That's right up there with ReesEE's as one of those things that's just like nails on a chalkboard. It looks like a tiny part of him (though what part of Christian isn't tiny?) caught himself just as he was saying it.

Heidi sends the designers to the workroom to get their challenge from Tim, who tells them they're going on another one of those infernal field trips. Rami says that "field trip" could mean working with garbage or going to Paris. They have some pretty fancy garbage in Paris-- you might be doing both!! Can you imagine? You'd hate Europe forever.

So Tim takes them on this road trip. Christian asks if they are going to meet someone "fabulous," and Tim says they are fabulous and don't need to meet anyone! They go to a dock in Brooklyn, and Chris thinks they are going to be working on a boat or designing "cement galoshes." They end up at a warehouse on a pier. Tim introduces the designers to Caroline Calvin, Senior VP of Design at Levi's. Hmm, I wonder if this is going to be a plastics challenge! Or flowers?

The raw materials for the challenge are inside the warehouse, says Tim, and when the designers raise the door, there are tons of jeans hanging on clotheslines and one-yard bolts of white cotton. All of the jeans are 501 Levi's. The challenge is to create an iconic look of denim that captures the spirit of originality and creativity that is lived in the heart of the Levi's brand. I clearly don't know much about Levi's, because I didn't know all that stuff was living in them.

The designers will have three minutes to grab all of the materials that they will use for the challenge. The warehouse is really big, though, and the materials are set really deep into it. When Tim says "go," everybody runs. Sweet P loses a shoe, and and has to run barefoot through the filthy warehouse. In her interview, she shows the bottom of her foot, and I swear I saw some tetanus. Rami grabs all of the dark jeans that he can get. Jillian grabs light colored jeans and jean jackets. Christian went for dark colored jackets -- then just grabbed everything. Victorya was totally mercenary about the shit she was grabbing and claimed everything that was on the floor.

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