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Previously: The designers created looks for Marie Claire to be worn by Jordana Brewster. My computer almost got sucked into a black hole because of how anticlimactic that last sentence was. The designers "got" to work with an eliminated designer and poor Patricia really got the poop end of the stick. She worked with Richard whose uselessness in the face of how long he survived on the show I actually find confounding. Stanley won the challenge. Michelle created a t-shirt and pants though Nina specifically said she didn't want a t-shirt and pants for this challenge. Though her design was good, she lost the challenge. But, she is getting one more chance. It's a "do or die" moment. Aren't they all? Michelle does not like to be hugged.

The show begins with all of the designers backstage. The mood is tense. Stanley says that they are all waiting to hear what's going to happen. What if the judges came back and were like, "We've thought it over. That really was it for you. Later, skater."? Now, I'm no fan of Michelle because I think she's mean, but what a gross situation to have to be in. Everybody's there and safe and you feel like you're in detention or something. She interviews that it's hard to get excited about a second chance when you are worried that it won't be good enough. I'm going to chalk it up to fatigue, but it's odd that someone who has portrayed herself as top dog for much of the competition would become so unmoored by what has essentially been her first major stumble of the competition. She was on losing teams for several of the beginning challenges, but she seemed confident that her designs would have been winners had she not been grouped with such losers. Daniel tries to cheer her up and she cries that she loved what she made and she thought it would be "casual and editorial." I'm not sure that editors are often looking for casual for a photo shoot. Anyway, they all prescribe to the chestnut that "you just never know." She repeats the stuff about being on a losing team but thinking she was a winner. Now, she wonders if maybe she has a point-of-view that doesn't want to be heard. Really? It's not about point-of-view. You seriously made EXACTLY what Nina said she didn't want. Also, she said like eight times that she wanted something bold. Casual does not equal bold. The design was fantastic, but not bold. They have to do something to reprimand you. Consider it a slap on the wrist.

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