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Previously: The designers were challenged to recycle materials from Saturn cars to create a look. Jerell called Terri two-faced and limited, thus losing his place on Jeff's "Must Live" list. Also, I wonder if Terri knows how much Jerell hates her. I'm guessing she doesn't since we haven't heard a peep about it. That would make him... how do you say? Oh, yes -- Two-Faced. That would make him two-faced. What a beautiful round circle. Those are so rarely found in nature. So, Keith was totally dejected from being in the bottom two in the last challenge and immaturely sabotaged himself by trying to make something boring. Boring alone would have probably worked with some of the crap that was up there, but it was also done very poorly. It was boring in the front and just a train wreck in the back. So, he got the boot and cried about it so expressively that it was intoxicating. I swear to God I'll try to not write that anymore. Leanne got her first win, narrowly squeaking past Korto. I was so obsessed with Keith's crying in the last recap that I really overlooked how far Leanne has progressed. She has been turning in some consistently interesting designs in the past several challenges. She always seemed pretty smart and stylish, so it doesn't feel right to call her the dark horse (I'm quaking in my Vans that Blayne might be the actual dark horse -- I know, I don't want it either), but she has certainly come into her own of late.

It's morning at the Atlas Building. These people really don't like to wake up. It looks like Kenley cuts her own bangs. That's not a qualitative judgment. Seriously, she's holding scissors and fooling with her bangs. Korto says that she hopes the new challenge won't be involving innovation and instead will be using real fabrics. Stella, who is rocking some hardcore abs in a bikini top, doesn't know how to make coffee. Lead a New Yorker to a deli, she gets coffee that morning; teach a New Yorker to make coffee, and she drinks forever. From the other room, Terri says to her, "It's not that difficult." Nothing two-faced about that, unless she's full of instructions about how to make coffee behind Stella's back. Maybe she wasn't saying it for Stella to hear, but it didn't sound like she was trying to be secretive about her feelings. I'm thinking too hard about this. Stella decides to make the coffee strong. Stella interviews that she was in the bottom three (actually, the bottom two) during the last challenge and she "almost shit [her] pants." She really wants to show at Bryant Park. Terri samples Stella's coffee and says that it's "kick." Let's use that word like that. I'm sorry, I don't mean to overdo it with my appreciation of Terri, but doesn't she seem like one of the only people here this season who is talented and authentically entertaining? You've got your sound bite machines -- Rayon, Blayne, and Jerell. They all have varying degrees of talent, but they are SO busy working on being "personalities" that I can't even appreciate their work a lot of the time. I'd put Korto in the group with Terri too. But, she can't really compete with some of the shit that comes out of Terri's mouth.

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