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Designer's Best Friend

Robert's look is next. His model has on a pink tweed skirt and a flowing white blouse. It's really cute. She certainly matches the little toy black dog that she's walking. The dog's name is Chanel. I hate whoever named that dog Chanel. It reminds me of when Kathie Lee Gifford had dogs named Chablis and Chardonnay.

Alison's look follows. It looks great. It's a white dress and white jacket. The model is wearing black stockings and heels, which look hot. The little white poodle is wearing a matching white jacket. It all looks really good and Alison seems happy with it.

Bradley's design is next. I'm worried. I mean, it's not falling off of the model or anything. The skirt is nice. It's high-waisted and purple. The blouse is sleeveless and gold and looks a lot more finished than when Tim was hating on it. Still, it's kind of poofy and it just seems odd. His dog, Stanley, has this little purple collar that's pretty cute and it seems really appropriate for the dog. Bradley says he's just happy to have gotten clothes on the girl. "As long as I don't get swallowed in the jaws of the judges." Still cute, that Bradley.

Next is Keith's design. The dress is beautiful. It's this really beautiful print with orange and brown. Perfectly tailored, with a halter top that covers the entire bust. The interest is at the collar, where there's this beautiful kind of flowering of the fabric. Really lovely. And the skirt has movement and it looks great. But she's carrying the dog, and the dog doesn't have anything on it. Keith interviews that it's perfect and that the dog doesn't need any accessories. You can see him eyeing the judges pretty nervously during the show, though, so I think he knows he may have fucked up a bit.

And here's Bonnie Dominguez's outfit. The Bonnie that I had actually forgotten existed. Her model has a black dress on and a large white wrap/coat contraption. Her dog is wearing a white sweater with black spots on it. I guess the coat is pretty interesting. I can't really see enough of the dress, though. Bonnie -- wait, who? Oh, Bonnie. Bonnie says that she's happy with what she sent down the runway.

Katie's dress is next, and it is far too simple. It's a slip dress, with a little bit of layering at the bust. Super simple. Her dog has on a hoodie, which is cute. Ten bucks says Katie is selling doggie hoodies online (in addition to the one we're seeing right now) before the season is done. Anyway, she seems happy with it. Well, might as well be, right? What's done is done.

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