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Designer's Best Friend

Once the models are ready, Tim announces that he's bringing in their "other models." The models enter carrying their dogs. I repeat -- these dogs are damn cute. It's really funny watching the designers put their designs on the dog. Laura has finally come around and thinks that her dog looks cute in its outfit. I knew that, despite there being no flesh or tissue of any sort nearby to warm it, Laura's heart would melt.

Keith's outfit for his dog doesn't seem to fit. He interviews that his model and the dog are "stunning winners." Then he says like Nellie Oleson, "I am an excellent designer so I stand a very good chance of winning." This guy has got to know that he sounds like a total fuckwit.

Katie didn't have time to make the hoodie that Tim suggested. We see her tell Tim, "I don't think it needed it." Famous last words. For real, Kara Saun tells all of your asses every season that you have GOT TO LISTEN TO TIM GUNN.

Bradley just decides to put a liner in the blouse that he was making before. He makes a quick collar for Stanley and he's done. He interviews that he likes his design, but I don't think he's convincing himself.

At the runway, Heidi greets the designers. The judges this week are Vera Wang (Michael Kors, get your ass back on this show!), Nina, and Ivanka Trump. I must confess, I love Ivanka Trump. I think she's sick pretty and I love her sort of laconic manner. As well, she inspired an Imperial Teen song that kept me running on the treadmill for most of 2002. She's being titled "VP of Development -- Trump Organization."

The show begins with Kayne of Many Colors's outfit. He used that Missoni fabric for a skirt and topped it with a low-cut sleeveless blouse. She's wearing this glossy black jacket over everything. It's, um, not quiet. His little puppy is wearing a little jacket made of the same black vinyl. His stuff is starting to remind me of Nick Verreos's work. For better and for worse. Sometimes, it can just all be a bit too much. Kayne of Many Colors loves it. He feels like his model worked it like a "rich bitch" and that suits him just fine. Nina seems pleased with it too.

Next is Uli's look. She made a halter-top dress with a dramatic print and a little jacket covering it that's really pretty. Good accessories too. Uli's pleased. It looks like the judges get a kick out of the message that was on her dog's outfit.

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