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Designer's Best Friend

The next day, everyone is really concerned about Bradley. No one wants him to go home. At Parsons, Tim tells everyone that they'll have two hours to get their models ready before the runway show. He wishes Bradley a happy birthday and asks how his look is coming along. It's not good. Everything is in pieces. Tim says, "I dare not even ask about poor little Stanley." I'm not sure when it will become useful, but I plan on saying "I dare not even ask about poor little Stanley," whenever even remotely possible. Perhaps, if someone's really down on their luck and telling me their story, I could say, "I dare not even ask about poor little Stanley." Then they'd be confused and it might take their mind off of their own troubles for a few moments or something.

Bradley starts racing around trying to finish. Robert says that he's like "a man without a country." Another phrase I love. These guys are like my own personal Bartlett's.

The models enter, and Bradley tells his model that it looks like he might not finish. She kind of reminds him that she would most likely be eliminated too if he goes home, and then he interviews that knowing that someone else is counting on him has motivated him.

It's hair and make-up time. We see Robert tell this hairdresser who can't be older than twenty-three that he wants his model's hair to resemble an "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever bob." I gladly relinquish my title of Gayest Person Ever to Robert. As well, I suggest that he modernize his references when speaking to the younger generation. It looks like that girl thinks that she's supposed to shave the model's head.

We see Alison getting in there and explaining her vision to the hairdresser. She interviews that she would love to win this challenge. She feels very confident about the work that she has done.

Bradley apparently told his model to "use [her] best judgment" in regards to hair and make-up. Hmm... when I think successful model, I think of names like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Christie Brinkley. Now, with the exception of Kate's stint as Johnny Depp's girlfriend, those girls exhibit some pretty bad judgment. Abusing assistants? Billy Joel? Peter Cook? The next time he can't be with his model for hair and make-up, maybe he could stick with the more succinct "Don't fuck this up."

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