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Designer's Best Friend

With two hours until the end of the workday, Tim Gunn enters. He talks to Katie first. He thinks her outfit is too simple. She says that she could make a hoodie to accessorize it and Tim says, "Katherine?" It sounds like he's going to tell her that if she ever offers to make another hoodie, he will have her hunted down and disemboweled. Instead, he says, "Do it."

He tells Uli that he likes what she's doing. The same with Alison. Then he talks with Keith. Keith says that he's making spats for his dog to wear, but he has the idea of the woman very clear in his mind and she doesn't dress her dog. "But that was the challenge," replies Tim, bored with the silliness. He likes Keith's dress and says that he doesn't want it to be overlooked because he under-designed for the dog. Keith whines in an interview that he knows that the challenge is about accessorizing for the dog, but he thinks it's lame. Poor thing. There should be a support group. Laura is listening the whole time Tim is talking to Keith. She's pissed. Wait until you hear him call you "bad mommy."

Tim talks to Angela and doesn't seem overly pessimistic. He notes that she is going over the top and suggests that she concentrate on her explanation for the judges. Hopefully, that includes leaving out any mention of "Jubilee Jumbles." Uli interviews that she is worried about Angela.

Tim tells Bradley that he doesn't "get" his outfit. He looks concerned. Bradley seems freaked out. Bradley says that the top of his outfit is shaggy, like his dog Stanley. Tim says that it's not pretty, so the story doesn't matter. It has to be redone. Bradley looks like someone just socked him in the stomach.

With an hour left, everyone is working quickly. Uli embroidered "Hi Ladies" into the side of her dog outfit, "for the judges!" Keith tells Bradley to just make an A-line dress. Bradley interviews that he is pretty stressed out. Vincent -- yes, Vincent -- describes Bradley as someone who "likes to jump off bridges and find things as he falls." So, Vincent thinks Bradley has wings. He's worse off than I thought. Bradley doesn't have anything together. He tells Keith that he would rather forfeit than have something bad go down the runway. Aaaand it's the end of the workday. Bradley says that the next day is his birthday, and -- at that moment -- he is planning on not showing anything for the runway show. "It sucks." Then, we see him fake hang himself with a tape measure.

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