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Designer's Best Friend

Kayne of Many Colors grabs this really dramatic Missoni fabric. He shows Robert and Laura. Robert, in turn, shows a pink tweed fabric that he has gotten for himself that is "Jackie Kennedy and Barbie all rolled into one." Laura replies, "God, mine's so tasteful compared to you guys." Robert says to her, "Oh Laura, always mistaking taste and style." Now, it seems like good-natured ribbing, but I think the production wants us to believe it's more confrontational, because they show us an interview with Kayne of Many Colors where he says that Laura's taste is vanilla and his is Rocky Road.

On their way back into Parsons, I see Kayne of Many Colors's t-shirt. It has a pink ribbon in the middle of it, which is the symbol for charities for breast cancer research. The words read, "Save Those Ta Tas." Brilliant. Definitely Rocky Road.

As Katie begins working, she says that her garment needs to be perfect because she was so close to going home in the last challenge. Unfortunately, her forte is casual sportswear, not fancy lady clothes.

Next, we see Angela, who is wearing this conductor's hat made from tartan fabric. She interviews that she knew she wanted to make a taffeta skirt in spring colors, "because Pattycake was born in the spring." She went "balls out" while buying fabrics. There's no need to embellish that. Do I need to amplify the stupid? I think you can hear it just fine.

Robert's story is of a "Park Avenue princess who has just checked into rehab and needs someone to take care of her tiny dog for a weekend." Robert explains further that his feeling about "stories" in fashion is that they are "stupid." Robert is so funny.

With thirty minutes to go in the workday, we cut to Bradley. It doesn't look good; nor does it sound good, courtesy of the brassy "something's going down" techno waaooow that's played over the scene of Bradley scratching his head. Keith interviews that Bradley has time-management issues. Bradley agrees. His original idea has proven too difficult, and now he has to backtrack.

The next morning, Bradley's got on these mondo sunglasses as he's getting ready to leave the apartment. "Love the shades," says Michael. I'm sorry, y'all, Bradley's so cute.

Vincent informs us that "it'll all come down to the wire -- there's no doubt." Thanks for that. Jeffrey interviews in his phony way that there's no difference between designing clothes for a person and for a dog. "You just design what you want to design for the being that you're designing for." Actually, he kind of has a point. One of the mannequins is like, "Dude, heavy. I'm gonna have that tattooed on my neck." Similar to previous challenges, Jeffrey feels it necessary to declare that his design is better than anyone else's. Yawn. To his credit, I think he's also trying to say that the other designs are pretty good too.

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