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Designer's Best Friend

During the half-hour sketching period, it's like a slapstick comedy. Each of the designers is trying to sketch and their little dogs are running all over the place. Laura, in particular, seems a little harried -- she tells her dog to sit down and be good while she sketches. I'm not sure that works on children, much less dogs. Robert is trying, with no luck, to get a picture of his dog. I think Bradley is allergic to his.

Alison says that her dog Pepito's owner is a globetrotting fashionista. Angela's "story," meanwhile, is the dumbest fucking thing she's said yet. It's about a British headmistress of an arts camp in Paris called "Jubilee Jumbles." Perhaps you're wondering why this French camp doesn't have a French headmistress or even a French name. Jubilee Jumbles? The sound of those words is... I feel like I'm having an epileptic seizure. That's maybe one of the two or three dumbest FUCKING things I've heard. Her dog's name is Pattycake. Pattycake only thought she had a stupid name until she heard "Jubilee Jumbles." And, in her interview, Angela says "Jubilee Jumbles" without even smiling. In fact, she puts her chin in her hand and props her elbow on her knee like she's breaking it down for us -- getting real. Poor Pattycake. ["The sad thing is that 'Jubilee Jumbles' would have been effing brilliant if she had been joking. But she wasn't." -- Sars]

Keith loves his dog, Morgan. She's so exotic that she doesn't need anything more than a collar and chain. So sayeth Keith. "Please don't make me make something stupid for Morgan," he whines. Jesus, this guy. It's a fucking competition, man. It's like competing in the rings in gymnastics and saying, "Actually, I just feel like doing a soft shoe right now. Please don't make me do the stupid rings." No one made you enter the rings competition in the first place. Go on So You Think You Can Dance if you want to do a soft shoe! You know, Keith, you want these people to give you money to start a business. After that, you never have to make another puppy outfit as long as you live. In the meantime, suck it up. One of the mannequins is like, "Bitch doesn't want to make puppy gear? I'll take his place! I could use a Saturn... get the hell out of here."

Vincent sings to his dog about how he's a good boy as he is putting a little crown on his head. We hear the dog growl. Good judge of character, that dog. Katie's dog is one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my life. Seriously, this show is awakening something in me. I think I have to get a dog.

The designers go to Mood (without the dogs). Alison interviews that she knew exactly what she wanted. I guess her speaking voice is a kind of love-it-or-hate-it thing. I think I love it. It's kind of dreamy. And with her little touch of a lisp, it's youthful yet sophisticated. Uli gets a print, which isn't really a big surprise. I think Uli's sweet, but so far I'm not that jazzed by her work. Not that it's bad -- just not my taste.

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