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Designer's Best Friend

The next morning at 6 AM, Laura finds a letter that has been slipped under the front door. "Girls, we have a message." I love the way she says "girls." It reminds me of how my grandmother used to talk about the ladies with whom she played bridge. The letter is from Tim and instructs the designers to meet him in Central Park. Laura immediately says, "It's horses. Are horses a fashion accessory." I guess I see why she would think that -- there are stables in Central Park. You can't really bring a horse into Parsons, so that would explain why they have to go to them. Still, babies love the park. It's a fact.

We see the designers traipsing to Central Park, and Laura is wearing riding pants, which I'm afraid just won her my undying affection. Vincent interviews that they didn't know what was going on. I think wearing full body armor was the wrong direction to go in, but Vincent likes to be prepared. Uli thought that there would be a breakfast spread waiting for them. I like the way she thinks. There was no breakfast, though, and it was "cold as shit," according to Michael.

Finally, Tim Gunn arrives with a ton of little puppies on leashes. The designers go wild. There's a puppy for each designer, and they get to choose which one they want. Seriously, the dogs are sick cute. Laura is not happy. She doesn't look like she wants to touch the puppies. She interviews that at 42, with five children, you don't have the "emotional energy" to care for a dog. Fine, but COME ON! They're so cute!!

The rest of the designers seem much happier. Jeffrey says that everyone picked a dog that resembled them, especially Keith. Keith's got this skinny little dog that is bald except for its head, where it has long gray hair. Keith says that he likes "rare things," which I find annoying. Like blood types? No, he means bands that no one has heard of. Bradley and Alison switch dogs, leaving Alison with a white poodle and Bradley with this little shaggy dog. There's cuteness all around. Laura puts her tiny dog in her purse, "so I don't have to touch it." Okay, the lady doth protest too much. You're just afraid to love that dog, Laura! She interviews that she did not pick her dog -- it was the last one left. The dogs do sort of resemble the designers that they were matched with, except for Jeffrey. Instead of getting a poseur dog breed, he got a little Welsh corgi. Now, I'm not very familiar with a lot of small dog breeds, but I lived with a roommate for two years who had a Welsh Corgi and they are maybe the best dogs in the world. They're so sweet and calm -- you almost feel like they're looking out for you. I see no resemblance.

Back at Parsons, Tim tells designers that their challenge is to design a women's outfit inspired by the dog. He wants them to create a story about the owner of the dog. Plus, they have to create a complementary outfit for the dog. They will have two days and $150 each.

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