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Designer's Best Friend

The judges have decided, and they bring the designers back out. Uli is the winner of the challenge. I personally liked Alison's better, but Uli's was great. Also, she honestly seems like a really sweet lady. Uli interviews that she was surprised. Next, Alison is "in." She seems upset. Bradley is "in!" Yay! He seems really relieved. Keith is "in." Heidi says that he might have won, had he designed an outfit for his dog. Keith interviews that it doesn't make sense that he didn't win. Argh. So, it doesn't make sense that they asked you to do something and you just didn't do it -- and you didn't win? He adds that there was no "good execution on the stage" except for his, which is total bullshit and so stupid. Isn't all this a little too much trouble to go to for not wanting to make a fucking puppy sweater? You stupid, stupid man.

It's down to Katie and Angela. Heidi says that Katie's outfit was poorly executed and uninspired. She says that Angela's outfit was well constructed but over the top. And, snap, they question her taste level. I knew it was coming some time. Angela is... "in." For real? Her construction was good enough to forgive that monstrosity? Wow.

Katie says that she was shocked to be auf'd. She gets hugs from everyone backstage. She says that she still likes what she made. When she's cleaning up her workspace, she writes a note that reads: "I had a blast. Miss you all! Good luck." She concludes that it's best to go home with a design that you liked. I guess.

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