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Designer's Best Friend

Bradley's dog is going nuts, so he picks him up at the same time he is asked to describe his outfit. He looks frazzled. He says that his girl is an architect who is confident and likes simplicity and structure. He says it all kind of like a question. And oh my God, Vera loves the idea. She loves the colors. Nina loves the profile and says that she could imagine shooting the look for Elle. Folks, I did not expect that. I thought Bradley was a goner!

Keith says his girl is modern and wouldn't dress her dog up in "baby doll clothes." That's right, Keith. Beat 'em to the punch. Be an asshole before they even mention the fact that you didn't follow the guidelines of the challenge. Heidi says that she was wondering why there were no clothes on the dog. Keith corrects her and says that the dog is "styled." Heidi corrects him and says that the dog is "accessorized." Nina says that his dress is great, but she expected more. Oh God, then Keith says that he made "many, many outfits for the dog," which gets a laugh from Nina because it's total bullshit. Alison is shaking her head on the stage. She looks pissed that he's being such a jerk.

Heidi says that it's hard to judge Keith when there is no fabric on the dog that he made. Keith says there's a little sash on the dog that he did make. I know this all seems like tiny stuff, but it was the weirdest argument. Stick with me. He's pointing at this bracelet thing that is around the dog's neck and Heidi's like, "You made that?" Then, he waffles and is all, "Well... " Nina says, "If you give us a hard time, we're going to give you a hard time right back." Heidi, like the bad-ass she is, goes right up to the stage and tells Keith to show her what he made on the dog. When he shows her this little piece of fabric, she says, "You made it sound like you made this bracelet." He gets this weepy-sounding voice and says, "I worked very hard on that, Heidi." Where the fuck am I where people act like this? ["I thought he was joking around (which actually would make him even more of a dick), but I could be wrong." -- Sars] They end by saying that it's hard to judge his dress when there's no outfit on the dog.

When the judges start deliberating, Heidi says, "Let's start with Bradley Baumkirchner." Now, if any of you have this on TiVo or DVR, go back and listen to her say that. She's a crazy warrior. Hormones? Who can say for sure. All I know is it scares me. And I like it. All of the judges love his outfit for its originality.

The judges like Uli's dress a lot, and the outfit that she made for her dog. Ivanka thinks that, above all of the designers, Alison really had a complete look. Vera liked Katie's doggy hoodie, but nothing else. Nina says there was a lack of originality there. About Angela, Nina says, "I. Did. Not. Really. Like. This. At. All." Me. Neither. Ivanka thinks that Angela's model looked like a streetwalker. Ivanka also did not like Keith's attitude. Girl has been watching her reality TV too, because she suggests watching footage of the workroom to see if Keith really made "many, many outfits for the dog." Otherwise, everyone liked the dress.

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