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Designer's Best Friend

After the show, Alison, Bradley, Keith, Angela, Katie, and Uli are asked to stay. The others leave. So, Vincent isn't in the bottom three? This is weird. The models come out with the dogs.

Uli says that her story is that of a partying hipster who is having brunch after a night out. Everyone likes it. Vera notes that Uli's pug is usually "more butch," so seeing it in a feminine print is different. That's not really true, Vera. I see musclemen with little dogs all of the time and girly-girls with pit bulls. I guess she's just trying to think of something to say.

Katie says that her girl is simple because her dog is sporty. Wow, bad story. Heidi takes the bait that was really just handed to her and says that she likes the dog's outfit better than the girl's. Nina agrees -- she also thinks the hems are ratty. Ivanka nicely points out that it looks like she spent more time on the dog's outfit.

Alison says that her girl is a Japanese girl working in fashion who travels with her dog all the time and is in New York for Fashion Week as a buyer. Also, she's afraid of balloons. And twins are born every other generation in her family. Pretty intricate story Alison has there, and the judges love it. Vera also likes the hairstyle of the model, which we all saw Alison directing earlier. Good job.

Heidi tells Angela that it looks like her model is going exactly where she is going. I didn't even notice that. Angela is wearing another ridiculous skirt just like the one she made for her model. Well, she doesn't reply to Heidi, she just tells us her design story. She doesn't even get the girl's job title out of her mouth before Nina Garcia is grinning. You gotta love her sometimes. It's sometimes bitchy, but it's from the heart. Angela says that her model is throwing a birthday party for the camp's mascot, Pattycake. The ONE smart thing Angela has done this entire show is to not say "Jubilee Jumbles" on that stage. I can almost forgive, I don't know, the shirt. I'll forget the shirt she made. I mean, the skirt's bad enough to hate her forever so it's not like I'm really giving anything up. But, as a gesture... what shirt? Angela says that the camp is for children ages six to twelve, and Heidi thinks that her model might be dressed a little too racy for young children. What, it's more appropriate for your teenager to see? And who sends a six-year-old to camp? That's an orphanage, not a camp. Ivanka agrees that it would be inappropriate for young children.

Nina thinks that Angela's story is a bunch of bullshit. "I don't even know what to say." Vera throws Angela a bone and commends the draping of the skirt; however, she doesn't like the "style." In Project Runway-speak, we call that "taste level."

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