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Designer's Best Friend

Up next is Michael's look. Damn, it's sexy. It's this brown tweed that looks like it was wrapped around the model like an ace bandage. I mean that in a good way. First, it fits her like a glove and just looks really good. Also, at the bust, different strips of fabric are interwoven and it looks really cool. The bottom of the skirt flares a little bit, which I think is a nice touch. The dog is wearing a coat in a similar fabric. Michael really loves his design.

Next is Vincent's model. Unfortunately, she didn't get dressed. But she's still walking and no one is saying anything. ... Shit, is that the design? Holy crap, it's a jumper over biker shorts. I am not kidding. So, when Vincent said that everyone was ignoring the importance of the dog outfit, what he was really trying to say was that everyone should make a dog outfit and... that's it. The dog has a hat and a little polka-dotted jumper. I mean, I guess I see a story. She seems like a beatnik or something. But would a beatnik dress her dog? Hells no! I guess there's a small chance that Vincent got the dog and the model confused. The dog hates its hat. It looks like it's going crazy, which gives further credence to Jeffrey's theory that everyone chose the dog most like them.

Laura's design is next and is nice, except for the fact that it has the same furry collar and sleeves as her coat from the first challenge. Do not bore us, Laura. Otherwise, it's a pretty tweed suit. The dog has a matching jacket on -- that actually looks really well made. Funny, considering she didn't want to do it in the first place. Laura said that the dog was "actually kinda cute."

Stop the effing presses, Angela's outfit is here. It is... not okay. First of all, a poster mentioned that it looked like something Lea Thompson might wear in Howard The Duck and I have to fervently and sadly concur. Angela really thinks she is on the edge that cuts, doesn't she? It's this purple skirt that's like a bubble with all of these little balls of fabric on it. The shirt exposes the girl's belly. She just looks kind of naked. Angela is freaking stoked. She says her outfit is unlike anything anyone else has done. With good reason, Angela. Talent's a funny thing -- you don't end up making fucking ridiculous bubble skirts and shirts from Forever 21 when you have even a tiny modicum of it.

Jeffrey's design is next; it's a nice cocktail dress with tiers of fabric that start right under the bust. The little corgi is wearing a long-sleeved jacket. I don't think he likes it. He struggles a bit.

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