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Designer's Best Friend
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Previously: Vincent and Angela were at each other's throat while competing to create a dress for Miss USA to lose the Miss Universe Pageant in. Surprisingly though, it was Malan who was sent home. Dude really took it hard, too. But Kayne of Many Colors was the winner with the dress that he made with Robert. And now, Tara Conner will always think of him when reliving her defeat. (Fourth runner-up? And you call yourself an American? We don't DO fourth runner-up here! I mean, fucking Canadia won last time. How hard can it be?)

The credits are a little embarrassing now, with Malan saying, "I'm better than they are," and giggling madly. Also, Laura saying, "I'm fabulously glamorous," reminds me of something one of those horrible girls on Sweet 16 might say. Have you ever seen a group of bitches more reprehensible than the assholes featured on that show? They make Santino Rice look Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

As the show begins, everyone is waking up at the Atlas apartment building. Our Kayne of Many Colors is stirring from a peaceful slumber... he is clearly very conscientious about UV ray exposure. He's like Powder. He interviews that, though he has immunity for this challenge, he still wants to impress the judges.

In the kitchen, Robert tells Bradley that Malan's elimination sort of reminded him that someone will be going home every few days. He adds that Malan was a good roommate. Robert's eyes are closed the whole time he's talking. Either he's experiencing some post-sleep grogginess or he's practicing Catherine O'Hara's acting technique from Waiting for Guffman.

Katie says that she was sorry to see Malan leave, but reiterates that she didn't want to go home for a design that was not hers. Oh, Katie. She seems like a sweet girl and I'm not trying to pick on her...but -- I wish someone would remind her that she's on TV. She looks so dumpy all the time. The Tresemme Hair Salon and L'Oreal Make-up Room are your friends. You know most of the boys are getting a wash and set before every runway show -- butt your way in there!

At Parsons, Heidi tells the designers that, for their next challenge, they will have to create an outfit based on "one of fashion's hottest accessories." Tim Gunn is going to tell them about it the next morning. Hmm, what could it be? The designers kind of giggle to themselves, and it's on to the model-choosing. This week, the winning and losing models are brought onstage. I guess they only got to choose models the one time during the last challenge. Kayne of Many Colors sticks with his model, Katia. That means that Malan's model, Moon, is going home. It kind of sucks for her, because she didn't even get to walk in the losing design -- Malan and Katie used Katie's model. See ya, Moon. Heidi tells the designers to get some rest. Then she rubs her hands together like she's evil and tells them that they will have an early start the next day.

That night, at the apartments, the designers are all hanging out and trying to think of what accessory they will be using in the challenge. Let's see... "one of fashion's hottest accessories." My money is on bi-racial babies. Totally hot right now. Ideas tossed around the apartments are cell phones and shoes. No one mentions bi-racial babies. Looks like I'm going to be the only one who was right. Michael says that he hopes that this challenge will be one where they can really "do something." I take it that he's not a fan of pageants. Or shower curtains. Bradley, who is sitting on the floor, says that he thinks the judges are looking for versatility.

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