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Previously: The designers worked in teams of two to see who would shoot the other one first in order to escape and create a high-end signature look. Ping did not make it out alive, thanks to the increasingly shitty Jesse. Mila won the challenge.

Yes, it's morning at the Atlas apartments. Anna giggle-sighs about Ping's empty bed. She interviews that she wasn't surprised that Ping got the boot, because she had been in the bottom before. Now, as we see her making coffee, she tells us that she is bonding with Janeane, her last remaining roommate. She tells us that it's hard to bond with people though, because they are all competing against each other. Reality TV people of the world, stand with me now and make a pledge. Stop saying boring shit.

In the boys' apartment, Jonathan throws a pillow at Jesus to wake him. He says that he's very excited to still be in the competition. I think "surprised" is the word you're looking for. He wants to make it to Bryant Park and he feels that he has begun to show the judges that he can make amazing stuff. OK, some might call that delusional. Not horrible and amazing are really worlds apart. You've not yet visited amazing.

In the kitchen, Jonathan asks Jesse if he's nervous about making his way back from the "bottom of the barrel." Jesse insists that it wasn't his fault that he was in the bottom. Well, I don't believe that to be true. Ping may be totally batshit, but Jesse made their whole partnership a non-starter. He interviews that he just wants to get everything from the last challenge out of his head.

Now, we have the most surreal shot of this season so far. Mila and Maya are side-by-side ironing their hair. I know that they have several similar traits, but they're really starting to look alike to me. They both discuss missing their dogs. I wonder if their dogs look alike. Maya says that she and Mila are becoming buddies, because of their similarities. In fact, she feels like Mila is an older version of her. People love to hear that. Maya says that they favor the same colors and have similar personalities. But, she has to put that aside and think about competing, because she and Mila also have similar styles.

At Parsons, Heidi greets all of the designers at the runway. She reminds everyone that Mila has immunity for the next challenge. Seriously, exactly how many pregnant women on this planet have been prettier than Heidi Klum Seal? It's like her most natural state. May you always be pregnant, Heidi. She tells them that, for this new challenge, they will be working with very inspirational ladies. I'd like to think they would be designing robes for different gospel singers, but you know it isn't going to be anything like that. Emilio interviews that it could be ANYTHING!

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