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Previously: Wendy bitched that Kara Saun and Austin are the "golden" children of the competition. She connived to make it to the final three. Jay started getting competitive. Because Julia was late for the runway showcase, Jay had to use Austin for his model in the postal worker challenge. Austin declared that showing at New York Fashion Week has been a lifelong dream of his. Kara Saun won the challenge and Robert was eliminated. Only four designers left! Only one more to be eliminated.

It's the morning of the beginning of the final challenge. We see a note that Robert wrote on the chalkboard in the apartment after he was declared "out." It reads, "You guys are still in for a great make it to the final three! Make your straight pal proud! Kick ass! You guys deserve it!" Aww, that's sweet. Robert is a good sport. Jay says that he misses Robert, but that "he just upped [Jay's] chances for the final three, so thank you, Robert!"

Wendy is stunned that she is still in the competition. Finally, she and I have something in common. She mentions that she has always been second worst, barely scraping by. She expresses her gratitude to those who couldn't scrape as well. Wendy prints some digital photos taken at the beginning of the competition. She is reminded of how things were simpler to start, "before [they] started competing." I wonder if she realizes that she is the sole reason that place has become so complicated. But of course she doesn't. She only admits that the pressures of the competition "have propelled [her] in odd directions." That's a fancy way of saying "I'm going to rot in hell for my behavior here." The pictures are really great. I wonder if Wendy will ever regret her behavior here. This could have been an opportunity for this woman from Bum Fuck Nowhere, who wants to be a part of the fashion world, to make all of these valuable relationships with some her peers. The truth is, Wendy is a talented seamstress and has a few tricks, but she is simply not interesting or talented enough to fuel the idea machine for a successful fashion line. But, not every person working in fashion is! There are other great jobs in fashion for people with Wendy's skills. Had she been a decent human, the other people on this show -- many of whom are already working in the industry -- could have offered her a helping hand. She could have gotten something out of it. Instead, she is shitting all of that away for the chance to show a line at Fashion Week, where she DOES NOT BELONG.

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