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Design A Collection

Previously: things fell apart when the designers worked in teams for the rock and roll challenge. Morgan almost ruined Kevin's chances by wearing his design out for a night on the town. As well, she showed her vagina to the planet. Alexandra was sent home. Only six designers left!

The designers are waking up at the apartment. We see Austin doing some sort of scissors-ish leg exercises on the edge of his bed. Robert remarks upon how they are getting closer to the end of the competition. This is juxtaposed with Jay, in an interview, saying that some good designers have been eliminated in this competition, and that "today was the first time where [he] just looked at Robert and was just like, 'What are you doing here?'" That seems a little unfair. Robert hasn't knocked it out of the park or anything, but I believe he is a much more deserving survivor in this competition than Wendy Pepper. Robert's tailoring is impeccable and several of his designs have been quite good (i.e. the "Envy" suit and his wedding dress).

Wendy, in her interview, calculates that Kara Saun and Austin are the "golden children" of the competition, with a "scientific formula" for designing good clothes. Some would call that "scientific formula" an imagination. Wendy has no time for semantics, though, as she adds that one more person will be going to Fashion Week, so Wendy just needs to be third best. I guess that is a pretty good method for taking the pressure off of yourself: removing your two greatest perceived threats from the equation. Maybe Wendy will be able to design more freely. One of the things that frustrates me most about Wendy, though, is her contamination of the spirit of this game. The drama of alliances and backstabbing and all of that Survivor crap doesn't seem necessary here. I'm not being Pollyanna, I swear. But think about it -- there has to be a really large pool of fashion designers who need the chance that this program offers. Therefore, you can almost be guaranteed to have a super-talented group of designers if you look hard enough. Now, the stereotype of creative types being interesting people is usually fairly accurate, so just watching them go nuts over their designs and time constraints and so forth seems like it would be all the drama you'd need. And, watching a group of really talented designers with high stakes in the opportunity they are being given design the hell out of the challenges they are faced with sounds like riveting viewing. But, we get Wendy Pepper, who seems so mediocre in her design skills that I'm left wondering how much of this whole thing is bullshit. Then, I think that if she'd just shut up for a minute and stop with all of the strategizing and manipulating, I'd realize that she has simply been, as some one on the forums pointed out, "second worst" in most of the challenges. But who can see the forest for the annoying suburban seamstress who won't stop acting like Hannibal Lecter?

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