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Previously: The designers created looks for women who had served/do serve in the military. Katie Holmes was a guest judge. She got to announce that Joshua was the winner of the challenge. Anthony Ryan and Emilio were in the bottom, but they both got passed through! Neither look was bad enough to be eliminated.

We start on the runway. Carolyn enters wearing this smashing ensemble of a melon colored blouse and tangerine slacks. This woman is so freaking beautiful in everything. Her agent deserves like a big fruit basket or something for recommending that she do this show. I feel like it has upped her stock and reminded everyone of how amazing she is. She reminds everyone that there are only three spots in the finale. Their challenge is to create a couture look. She reminds them that a couture look is known for its expensive fabric, attention to detail and custom tailoring. Anthony Ryan says in an interview that couture scares him because of the amount of time necessary to do it correctly. He sounds like he's trying to swallow a burp right now. Hey, I know it's gross, I'm just trying to report the truth right now. They'll be shopping for their fabrics at Janssens & Paris! While there, they have received an invitation to visit the showroom of the House of Valentino. Damn.

They have to go and promptly pack. Everyone is super exciting. Next, we see beautiful shots of Paris. They make their way to the House of Valentino and it's spectacular. The interiors are what you would expect, opulent and gilded. Uli and Anthony Ryan hug each other and she says, "Do you know where we are?" Anthony Ryan says that he doesn't want to touch anything for fear that the law of the land is "you break, you buy." Then, Joanna Coles enters the room. Everyone seems excited to see each other. They all hug her, which I think is the first time I've seen that. She tells them that she is thrilled to introduce them to two of the fashion world's most influential creative forces. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Peirpaolo Piccioli, Valentino's creative directors, enter the room. They are chic as hell. They say that they are very excited to have them there and they want to show them their couture work, which is upstairs. There are like 20 foot ceilings in that room.

Upstairs, a bunch of what appears to be only women are sewing madly on beautiful dresses. They inspect all of the beautiful fabrics and handiwork. Peirpaolo says that they are in a magic world where dreams come true. Anthony Ryan says that the experience of watching them work and seeing how they choose fabrics is invaluable. Later, when they are all sitting down, Maria and Peirpaolo tell them that they would like for them to come to their couture fashion show the following day. They lose it, but especially Josh. He says that he is like a straight guy at a baseball game. Joanna thanks them very much for their hospitality and they depart.

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