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Previously: the challenge was to use "envy" as a theme. Jay did not take "the bitch's" (Kevin's) dye. The designers had to represent themselves and their garments in a silent auction. Wendy Pepper unveiled her strategy to win the competition: to get people to confide in her. Kara Saun won the challenge. Wendy and Starr got some criticism, but Mario was eliminated. Two down, ten to go. Or seven to go, if you consider that the final three will be showing their collections at fashion week.

At the Atlas apartments, Jay asks Vanessa whether she misses Mario. She's wearing a cowboy hat and brushing her hair and coldly says, "No." In an interview, Jay says that it is time for him to get competitive. He says that he has rebellious tendencies he needs to curb; he doesn't want to get eliminated like Mario. It would seem that Mario was quite heroic and punk rock if the main cause of elimination were his model flipping the bird on the runway, but let's be real. There was nothing to his dress. Apparently, Jay owns a vintage store, or so reads his chyron as he is talking. Vintage and porn. I'm going to just assume that Jay has an admirable vintage porn collection. Starr says in an interview that she is torn between the careers of corporate law and fashion design. Forget Banana Republic: she should mentor with Barbie. She is feeling a resurgence of creativity, which is something she thought she had lost. In a very measured way, she acknowledges that other designers in the competition are better than her, but that she can "run with the pack."

Robert -- who is now listed as "women's tailor" (and, right on, the guy knows how to cut a suit) -- says in an interview that, for the past three years, he was "somewhat happily" married and living in Russia. Maybe that is the explanation for his accent. He apparently become less somewhat happy and got a divorce.

The designers meet Heidi at the Banana Republic design studio. I understand that she is not the first reality TV show host to do it, but it feels that Heidi Klum Seal is constantly regurgitating information we already know. The producers must have colossal faith in this show's ability to pick up new viewers after EVERY SINGLE commercial break, because the first minute of every segment is Heidi repeating something we already know. For whom? Heidi reveals the challenge: they have to design a holiday cocktail dress that would be worn by the typical Banana Republic (or "The General Store," as some friends of mine call it) customer. We are introduced to Deborah Lloyd, the head of design for BR. Deborah reminds the contestants that the designs have to "work for the customer" (doesn't everything purchased have to work?), and that the dresses need to be sexy yet sophisticated. Then, Deborah presents the two themes of the Republic's current collection. One is pink and yellow, "sexy secretary/ grandma's attic." The other is art deco-inspired. Deborah says she doesn't want the designers to lose their personalities. However, they need to "remember" Banana Republic (read: lose your personalities). Deborah has brought the fabrics that are being used in the current collection, and wishes them luck.

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