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On the runway, Heidi enters and schools the designers on the ins and outs of being in or out. She introduces Michael and, you know, credit where credit is due and all that, he really has laid off of the bronzer. You wouldn't even assume he has really high blood pressure now. That was the shade he used, right? "Angina?" There's Nina too. And, the guest judge is Christina Ricci! She looks great too and is going to be on a new show, Pan Am.

The show begins with Josh M.'s look. It's a little black dress with white vest. There's some asymmetry and it looks pretty modern, but I'm not in love with it. The back of the vest features the upside down lapel that he is very fond of (he showed the judges a piece like that just a few weeks ago).

Laura made a silk top with a jacket. Also, she made a wide-legged pant. The pants have a cheap looking dye job, but the outfit is pretty accomplished. Laura says that she thinks she's the only person to make three pieces today.

Danielle's outfit is teal shorts and a brown boat-necked blouse. It's adorable and fits beautifully. The color choice of the shorts is neat too. She thinks it's good that she's showing this for her first challenge, because it lets the judges know who she is. Laura whispers something about wanting to steal Danielle's model and Danielle replies, "We'll see about that, Laura." Danielle has a little bit of a Shannen Doherty thing happening. This could get very, very good.

Viktor's girl is wearing a little white sundress with black accents. It's cut very cutely. He says that he can tell the judges like it. He tells his girl to "sell it, sell it." I wonder if she can hear him.

Becky made a light blue, one-shouldered dress that has a gray stripe running vertically down the middle. There are delicate pleats at the waist that I think are very cute. Becky is happy with the construction of the dress, but wonders if the color is too pastel.

Bryce made something very gross. It's a short black skirt and this bell-sleeved blouse that I just really hate. This is the woman you go to for summer rentals in St. Petersburg. Sorry.

Anya's girl is wearing a print halter top and the slacks... which are quite nice. She is, of course, proud of herself for getting it done. This was also the first time Anya had ever sewn silk. She's a powerhouse. Here's Julie's look and, well, she should have done something to transform the cartoon print of her pajama bottoms. She made a short-sleeved top with a swath of this cartoon in a diagonal. And the pants do indeed look like snowboarding pants. She knows she's in trouble.

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