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Clowns Puking Rainbows

Tim is back to offer everybody a little mentorship. He starts with Anthony, who is using some feathers on his skirt. Tim finds it mimics pubic hair and makes it clear that pubic hair is not current trend in fashion. He is perplexed by Fallene's puking clown. Julie is making snowboard pants and Tim seems intrigued, though he wonders if she has enough time. He tells Bert to concentrate on his styling (don't be old). Josh M.'s skirt is SHORT. Anya dyed for the first time and draped pants for the first time and it all looks like it's coming together just fine. In fact, Josh M. interviews that he thinks they are all going to have their panties blown off by the stops she pulls out. Rafael hasn't taken his fancy scarf off of his head because his hair's a mess. And, he hasn't made a lot of decisions about his look. Tim is worried. He tells him that there had been discussion about him being one of the four that went home, so he shouldn't let the judges doubt their decision. Ouch. Tim says that he thought Rafael needed a dose of Tim Gunn Medicine. I used that on a rash last week and, well, now I knit.

Tim tells everyone that he is impressed with how the designers have transformed their materials. But, he warns everyone to work quickly. With him gone, models come in for a fitting. Bert is very happy with his model. Josh C.'s girl is too fat for her outfit. Olivier and his model are speaking in a language that is not English and Laura asks him if he's speaking "foreign." He nods silently with a smile. Telling you, he's gonna be the bitch. Can't wait. Laura interviews that Rafael shut down after being told that the judges were on the fence about him. She adds that being so sensitive means he probably shouldn't be there anyway. Oh, shut up. Josh C. says that it was only 30 extra minutes of work to make his clothes fit his enormous model. Anya is really far behind.

The next day, the designers get back to the workroom in time for Tim to tell them that they'll have two hours before the show begins. Then, he sends in the models. It looks like Anya finished. Rafael still doesn't know how he's going to incorporate his scarf. I suggest he use it as a scarf. He tells Josh M. that he's going to make it into some sort of necklace.

Anthony seems really comfortable leading the hair and make-up team. Bert seems less comfy. He settles on a Brigitte Bardot look for his girl. Olivier directs the guys to pull his model's hair. Abusive. Tim arrives to bring everyone to the runway.

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