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Clowns Puking Rainbows

In Apt. 23-D, we have Rafael, the Joshes and Bryce. Josh C. can see the Empire State Building from his window! He says that he's off the beaten path for a Mormon. OK. Anya, Kimberly, Danielle and Laura are in Apt. 28-B. Laura tells us that people always think she's sweet when they look at her, but she has "quite a bite." Overbite. She volunteers to make breakfast, which is... sweet.

In Apt. 10-E, we have Olivier, Bert, Anthony and Viktor. Before Olivier agrees to room with Bert, he asks him if he snores. That is awful and amazing. Bert laughs it off. I think Olivier is going to be the dark horse bitch of the competition. He looks and sounds so sweet, but you just KNOW.

At 5 AM, Tim wakes all of these poor people up. Lifetime is upping the cruelty big time this season. Kimberly thinks it's rude to come to peoples' houses unannounced and I think she is correct. Tim tells them that they are to stay in their pajamas and bring one bed sheet. Becky asks if she can at least put a bra on, but he says it's a come as you are affair. Anthony thanks the universe that he wasn't sleeping in the nude. Presumably, his roommate is also thankful for that (or not. Aaooooooga!). Then, he marches these sad linen-wrapped wretches through midtown. Kimberly spies a Red Lobster and wants to stop for cheddar biscuits. Am I going to love her? Is that what's happening? Viktor says he can check "walking through Times Square in pj's" off of his bucket list.

Tim takes them to Parsons. Everyone is excited to be in the workroom. Their pj's and the bed sheet are the only fabric they will have for the challenge. They gotta send a look down the runway from that alone. He implores them to make it work, then leaves. Anthony says that he is going to be bold from the get-go. Because Josh C. is a Mormon and wears lots of clothes to bed, he has the most to work with. Is this some sort of lesson for us? He's going to make three pieces for his look. Fallene was wearing a t-shirt feature a clown puking a rainbow. She is using it, because it's just her. I'm not exactly sure how yet, but I'm thinking that a clown puking rainbows is some sort of metaphor for something going on with the program. And, it's a totally good thing. Laura was wearing really fancy stuff to bed, so she's in good shape. Bert is going to use his boxers for the bodice of a dress. He wants to make sure to not be too subdued in his design.

Laura gives us a little lesson about dyeing fabric. You have to add salt to the bath and you can't leave your fabric in the dye for too long. Anya is having to teach herself how to make shit. She's feeling her own amateurishness. Someone wonders if there's going to be a twist to the challenge and they're going to have to make accessories with their underwear. "I have a clutch idea!" sings Josh M. to much laughter. Kimberly points out that Bert actually is using his underwear in his design. She adds that his model is going to be exposed to his "ball juice." True, however, inappropriate. Everyone is grossed out but she insists that it's nature she's talking about.

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