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Outside, Serena tells us that she's feeling good about her chances of getting on the show. It's time for the judges to confer. Kimberly tells us that everyone is on pins and needles. She's keeping her fingers crossed and her prayers up. If she directed her prayers incorrectly, I don't even know. Disaster. No names are mentioned, but it seems like they are still really conflicted about Anya. Amanda and Gunnar talk about how it would suck to have to go home after just getting there. Nina is concerned about someone's taste level. Cecilia still thinks that she blew it.

Heidi and Tim emerge with news of got cut, but everybody has to wait for the commercials. Fallene, Danielle, Rafael and Kimberly are in. Viktor, Bryce, Becky, Olivier, Laura, Anthony Ryan and Julie -- also in. Joshua McKinley... is in. He tears up and asks if his bronzer is running. Told you. David... is out. He seems pissed. Outside, he says that he really doesn't want to go back to waiting tables. Oh God, I'm gonna be sick. That is so sad. He says, while nervously touching his forehead, that he really wanted to do this. "Oh my God." How horrible.

Gunnar is also out. He says that he thinks everything happens for a reason. You get knocked down and you pick yourself up -- nothing to worry about. I like that! Josh Christensen made it. He says that he's laughing and crying at the same time. Amanda... is out. She cries that she was proud of what she made and knows that she's good. This just wasn't her time. This is kind of cruel. Anya is in! She lays her head in Joshua's lap. Bert is in! Yay! Cecilia and Selena. One in, one out. Selena... is... out. She seems devastated. Cecilia is thrilled. Selena says that she still feels good about herself as a designer.

Champagne toast! Josh interviews that he's thrilled to be able to just enjoy the intensity of the moment. Heidi says that she's sending them to the originally, wait, original (insert joke about her drinking too much -- gets a big laugh from the designers) home of the show, Atlas apartments! You CAN go home again! Tim tells them to unpack and settle in, because you never know what's next on Project Runway. Why so creepy?

At the Atlas, they do a fun little thing where they give us the apartment numbers. This is something that I like. In Apt. 10-J, we have Julie, Becky, Fallene and Cecilia. This will probably be my favorite apartment. With the exception maybe of Cecilia, who is still seeming a little Ivy-like to me, these chicks seem cool. Becky tells us that she started making Barbie clothes when she was eight. Her design aesthetic can be described as girly, edgy and artsy. Cute! She says the edgy comes and goes but having blue hair helps.

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