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Cecilia Motwani is 34 and from Woodside, New York. Her clothes are really well made, but the judges don't feel like it shows a lot of design acumen. They're trying to avoid another Ivy! I appreciate their efforts, but I think that Cecilia might actually be pretty cool. Afterwards, she says that she doesn't think that she made it.

Rafael Cox, 27 and from Atlanta, takes Eddie Murphy's outfit in Raw as his inspiration. My references make me sound like a senior citizen. Seriously though. Rafael thinks that Nina is hot and that she feels the same way about him. If you recall, I know all too well about Nina's hungry eyes.

Here is Serena Da Conceicao, the 31-year-old Iceland wedding canceler from Brooklyn. She shows this romper with a loose blousy look. I think it's pretty cool. They ask her if her stuff is from a single collection and she says that it's not. It's stuff that she has made over the last few years. For some reason, and I can't really figure out why, this seems ominous.

Here's an old guy! He tells us that he's Bert Keeter from LA and he's 102 years young. He kids! He's only 57. He tells the judges that he hasn't designed in quite some time. Then, he's back with the mannequins. He tells us that he started designing in 1978 and worked for some of the greats like Bill Blass (I SWEAR, I knew he was going to say that), Halston and Arnold Scaasi. He tells the judges that he stopped designing in 1992 and moved to DC. He explains to us that two of his closest friends died of AIDS, then his partner of 18 years became ill. He says that, during that time, he abused alcohol to change the way he felt. His clothes are certainly sharp. He tells us that he's been sober for three years and his life has completely turned around. He loves designing again. Wow. Poor guy checked out for 15 years. Heidi thinks that he made need to turn up the volume a little. She doesn't think he should be too simple. What a story this guy has!

The stories don't stop. Here's Anthony Ryan Auld, 28, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2008. He tells us that he's "rocking one now." I remember, in Austin, Texas, on the 101X morning show with Jenn Garrison (this is in like 1999 or something), she said something about Lance Armstrong "kicking ass with one ball." Just needed to share that. Heidi likes Anthony Ryan's scarf. She wants it. She won't stop talking about it. He tells us that he overcame cancer and chemo, but he will never be the same. He shows a print with little monkeys on it and Michael seems to be charmed. He tells the judges that he likes fun and quirky clothes. He also announces that he's color blind. For real? Because of that, he's into prints and graphics and textures. Anthony Ryan tearfully tells us that he is lucky to be where he is and he is very passionate about what he does. More jokes about Heidi stealing his scarf.

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