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Julie Tierney, 35 and from Grand Junction, Colorado, brings out a collection that I, for one, think is sick. It's all Southwest prints, which I hate. Seriously, I hate that shit. But, her silhouettes and her actual use of the prints is so freaking on trend, it's remarkable. Take a look at the Hermes Fall 2011 ready-to-wear stuff. A lot of similarities there. Her stuff also shares some traits with the prints in the new Marni and Proenza Schouler lines. Nina tells her that it's clear that she loves outerwear, but Julie says she doesn't see the separation -- it's all design.

Amanda Perna, 26 and from NYC, is asked to show her favorite piece from her garment rack. She shows a romper, while announcing that she actually hates rompers. So, why did she make it? She was challenging herself to interpret a popular trend. She says perkily backstage that she stands behind her collection. Heidi says that she liked her stuff, though one frilly top scared her.

Fallene Wells, 29 and from Denver, Colorado, a place where people have awesome names like "Fallene," presents her stuff. She says that she loves men's apparel for women. Nina asks her if she made the slacks that she's wearing (they're awesome) and she did. Score 1 for Fallene. Gunnar Deatherage, 21 and from the small town of Louisville, Kentucky, shows us this crazy dress that he made for some lady for the Kentucky Derby. It's beyond garish, but doesn't look poorly made. Heidi asks him what he imagines their impression of his work is and he says that he thinks they probably find it over the top and that's fine. That's a good attitude to have.

Danielle Everine, 26 and from Minneapolis, shows her stuff, which I find modern and chic. I also think she's really cute. Heidi asks her why she should be on the show and she says that she would be a good competitor because she can make anything. I like it! Outside, she says that, after looking at the work of the others, she feels like her chances of making it are good. Hmm. Hints of bitch in the air, no?

Oh Josh McKinley, 25-year old New Yorker, we've been waiting to meet you. Here's our toastmaster general. His stuff is straight out of the Meatpacking District, which, though not my cup of tea, is not necessarily a bad thing. Tim asks him who his customer is and he says it's a woman who is confident, neurotic, wearing white gloves and wondering what the hell went on last night. Sandy Dennis from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf is his customer. Fantastic. She's only been dead for a decade or two. Keep dreaming, kid.

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