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Becky Ross, 38, and also from Portland, Oregon, shows a lovely lined jacket that Michael seems to really like. Olivier Green, 22 and from New York, shows some clothes that Heidi really admires. She also likes him. She asks him if he modeled and he says that he is too short and ugly for such work. He's not tall, but he's mad adorable and he knows it. Heidi stops him from showing more of his work and he looks stunned, but it's only because she thinks he's great and doesn't need to see anymore.

Josh Christensen is 29 and from LA. The mannequins are like, "Is that an ascot? Is Orson Welles alive?" Yes. No. OK, so Josh walks into the room and Heidi improv belts, "JOSHU--AAA! Come and show us what you got." It is, uh, beautiful. Heidi has the most beautiful voice. I'm transfixed. She must sing to Tim all of the time because he couldn't give a rat's ass. Seriously, if Heidi can sing actual songs, I will totes go see her cabaret act. Josh is really nervous and I like that. He explains that he mostly does menswear and you can tell from his tailoring (says him, not me). He shows a dress that he declares his "crowning achievement" and I'm not that into it while it's on the hanger. Maybe it's better on a person. Or on fire. They ask him if he supports himself with fashion and he says that he does. Or, at least he doesn't have another job. He says that he decided he would rather be poor and hungry than work a job he didn't like. I think he means poor and happy. I know from personal experience that it's perfectly possible to be poor and hungry while still working a job that you don't like. But, hey, all the free pens that you could want. Heidi asks him what his previous career was and seems scandalized when he tells her banking. My roommate wonders, with absolute earnestness, if he was actually a bank teller. I don't know why I'm picking on Josh. I think it's the ascot.

Laura Kathleen, who is 26 and from St. Louis, can't find her last name. How horrible for her. She shows some clothes that impress Michael because they are vibrantly colorful and created by a Midwesterner. Nina wonders if maybe there's a little too much color, but Laura Kathleen Somebody says that, well, since they are all from the same collection, that's a good thing because they all match and belong in the same collection and I meant to do that I know you are but what am I?

David Chum, 29 and from Boston, tells us before his showing that he's really nervous and wants it all to be over. We see him sadly wandering around the back asking people if they need hangers. Aw, Pooh Bear. He says that he likes to make clothes that are distinct but wearable. Nina feels like all of his clothes have the same shape. Viktor Luna, 30 and from NYC, shows a cool white garment that he says looks a little '80s until it's being worn.

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