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The showings begin with Kimberly Goldson, who is 35 and from White Plains, Maryland. She shows some pants with bows at the waist that Nina thinks look great. They ask her who her customer is and she says that they are urban glam. She herself enjoys working out in a sequined tank top. I did not make that up.

Here is Bryce Black, 26, from Portland, Oregon. He says that he just wants to get through this stage. What is in his lip? Piercing? Is it infected? He presents some dramatic feathery stuff. Heidi wants to know who is going to wear all of those feathers and he says they belong on a person who wants all of the eyes in a room on them. Heidi recognizes that person. She gets up and tries on Bryce's black feather cape. I'm feeling shades of Kids in the Hall here. She struts the wine store runway and Bryce is very excited about that.

Here's the knockout non-dyer from before. Her name is Anya Ayung-Chee. She's 29 and from Maraval, Trinidad. OK, I'm noticing that there are Twitter tags along with the name info. For instance, Anya's is #PR9ANYA. This is not a bad idea but I somehow find it exhausting. Anya tells us that she competed as Miss Trinidad and Tobago in the Miss Universe competition. The mannequins, who have been quiet until now, are like, "I got nothing. She could kill us with her pretty. I'm not pushing it. Nice Anya." Anya explains that she got to design some of her clothes for the competition, then decided to create her own line. The judges seem impressed by her designs. Tim asks her when she learned how to sew and she reveals that she learned when she applied for the job. Everyone goes nuts. She says she's a fast learner and that, except for one of the dresses in her collection, she sewed all of her designs herself. Tim gets a closer look and is kind of skeptical because the sewing on her work is masterful. She reveals that she had "a lot of help" but I really don't feel like this girl is trying to pull a fast one. They remind her that she won't have any help on the show. Tim says that he's horrified and she asks with the cool of a thousand cucumbers, "What are you horrified by, Tim?" He says that she's handicapped because of her newbie sewing skills and Heidi, sticking up for the super-tall beauty dolls of the world, says that she may be very good. Nina says that she is going to have to be very creative to make up for her lack of sewing experience. Heidi tells Anya that she's going to try to convince the judges. She thanks her and leaves the room and Heidi says she thinks they should give Anya a shot.

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