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Anya explains that she wanted to show that she could construct something and the judges are in awe. Nina, in particular, really seems to like it. Heidi points out that the ass of the pants fits like a dream.

Heidi is in love with Bert's dress. Nina thinks that Bert's boxers are adorable. Michael loves the tone and the asymmetry, but hates the styling. It should be clean and neat.

Josh doesn't seem to realize initially that they're going to hate him. Christina asks him if he's happy with the fit of his look and he admits to some issues. Heidi says she doesn't know if his or Rafael's is worse. He says that he wishes someone would have told him he was going so wrong, but Michael sets him straight that it's nobody's job to correct him. Then, Nina slams him for showing her a tank top and white shorts in a design competition. That was a slaughter. Backstage, Josh is mortified that he's going home.

Heidi says that she thinks most of the designers did a good job. They discuss how Josh should have fixed the fit problems with his look. Also, they don't think that Rafael is aware that his look was not fashion forward. "Fashion backward," says Heidi. Heidi hated the silly pattern on Julie's fabric, but Nina was more offended by the construction of her pants.

They admire that Anya made slacks to impress them. Nina loved Anthony's t-shirt and that he didn't overembellish it. Heidi says that she likes Bert and Michael adds that his garment was the most sophisticated thing they'd seen all day.

The designers return to the stage. Bert... is the winner! He has immunity for the next challenge. He tells us that he feels amazing! Bryce interviews that he underestimated Bert because of his age and was wrong. Anya and Anthony are in. Julie is in. Josh looks like he's about to pee himself. He is... in. He tells them that they won't regret and he leaves the stage. Rafael is out! He says that he will not stop designing, of course. Tim comes in and ushers him out. Bye, Rafael!

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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