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Clowns Puking Rainbows

Olivier made a jacket and skirt for his model. The construction is great but the colors are a little weird. He says it's the best he could do under the time constraints. He's really cute.

Kimberly's look is pretty gross. It's this weird halter top that looks like two curtains over her models boobs. Plus, she made pants that are bunching at the crotch.

Here's Anthony's look. He made a neat little striped top, but his skirt still has the furry stuff in the front. I just think it looks a mess. It's really really short too.

Oh my God, Rafael, pack your bags. He made these gray pants that just ruined his model's career. Seriously. She can never recover from this. And the top is no better. Looks like he never made up his mind about what to do. And, a necklace made out of a scarf.

Fallene made a very chic white dress, with a puking clown on the front. She says that is precisely her personality and she's glad she sent it down the runway.

Bert's dress is great. It's a shirt asymmetrical dress of different shades of brown. One side of the bodice is red gingham. Cute times ten. He feels very good about the result and says the rigors of the challenge made him stretch.

Josh C.'s look does not fit. Shorts, top and shrug. It was a great idea, but the fit is a wreck. He, however, is very happy with it. Cecilia continues to show off her sewing skills with an expertly crafted bubble skirt, tube top and shrug. Nothing genius about it, but it fits like a dream.

Afterwards, Anthony, Rafael, Josh, Anya, Bert and Julie are called forward. The rest are safe! They leave the stage and the models return. They liked Anthony's look! Michael thinks that, despite his colorblindness, he's actually quite good at matching colors. Christina likes the proportions of the skirt, even if it is super short.

Oh God -- Rafael. These pants just get uglier the more you look at them. Heidi says no grown-up wants to walk around with a bib. Heh. Michael calls it a Flintstone's necklace. Heh. Nina thinks that the look is dated, though she let's him off the hook a little by mentioning the fit problems. Looks like some of these models are hitting the pasta bar in the dorm a little too often. Christina tries to say something nice about the craftsmanship that went into the shirt, but it's all too late at this point.

They kill Julie because of those pants. Heidi says that she liked all of Julie's stuff in the beginning, but they're all confused by this. There is elastic on the sides of the pants, which offends Nina. Michael thinks that the pocket on the front is suitable only for masturbation.

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