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OK, so maybe you've been wondering about what's going to happen with this debt ceiling business. Or perhaps you are concerned about Rupert Murdoch tapping your phone. Are you still trying to figure out what happened to all of the bees (seriously, where are the bees?)? Well, now is the time to look inside of yourselves and get your priorities right and start thinking about what's important-- like who is going to be the resident queeny catchphrase minter on the new season of Project Runway! Cause, girl, bitch cannot live by Rupaul's Drag U alone (unless one can). I'm really ready for this show right now. I need it to be very good and I think it's OK that I'm just putting that out there.

The show begins with Tim and Heidi separately welcoming us to the ninth season of the show. Heidi, working hard to showcase that award--nominated personality, seems surprised or annoyed that we're doing this all over again. We immediately start seeing contestants lugging their garment bags around New York. This little elf of a dude tells us that it's cool being in a city so big, as compared to Louisville, Kentucky. Sure. Louisville's not like some sort of half-barren cul-de-sac but whatever. Everyone's excited to be in New York. Here's a girl that apparently lives in the city -- she's kissing a man on a front stoop -- but doesn't know anyone with a car that could help her with her garment bag. And, her boyfriend isn't going to help. She tells us that she postponed (she actually says "cancelled") her wedding in Iceland for this opportunity. Now I know why he's not helping with the bag. He wants to be chilling in a hot spring with Sigur Ros and planning the rest of his life, but, no, there's sewing to be done. The girl says that this is a one-time-only opportunity, whereas she can fly to Iceland anytime. This has actually happened nine times, girl.

Tim tells us that they haven't even decided who is going to be on the show yet. Wha? Heidi says that they are shaking things up -- they've invited 20 people to New York, but before they are on the SHOW show, they have to present their wares to Tim, Heidi, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors. Tim says that 16 of the 20 will go on to actually be on the show and Heidi admits that it's kind of cruel of them. A guy with a drawl and spiky hair says that he did not come all this way to not be one of the 16. Famous last words.

So, for some reason, this showing is happening at Astor Wine and Spirits. Cute space, I guess, but I'm confused. Here's a nervous guy with a shaved head. He says that they are going to meet with the judges one last time. As we see all of the designers unpacking and ironing their collections in a large room, a skinny dude says that it's fun to size up the other people. We have our first contender for catchphrase sister. This shiny guy says something about how many blondes it takes to turn on an iron. The Sew-away Bride says that there are many talented designers in the room. This knockout girl tells someone that when there is dyeing to be done in her designs, someone else usually does the dyeing. We see some looks that are supposed to be directed at her, but they could have been looking at birdies or something for all we know. The shiny guy tells the elfin dude that he believes that good people can make good things. He is totally gunning for the catchphrase spot. The elfin dude very sweetly says that means he must believe in himself, so he won't be going anywhere today.

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