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At Parsons, sexy Tim Gunn, resplendent in his monochromatic blue suit and tie, welcomes the designers. He reminds them that they have two hours remaining to work. As well, because this is the L'Oreal challenge, they have to make sure that the hair and makeup they create supports their design. He gives them a "Carry on," and he's off.

Nora, draping a mannequin, dryly says, "We had a really fun time last night. That's why we're all in a good mood." Alexandra wisely sticks to her habit of not saying anything at all.

Austin -- at a sewing machine, with curlers in his hair (you've come a long way, Baby!) -- explains that he is completing the final touches on his design. When he gets back to the Workshop, Vanessa tells him that, though she doesn't want him to "get cross" with her, she is sewing down this massive ribbon that is at the waist of their dress. Austin totally gets cross and steps on that idea. Then, Vanessa holds up the ribbon (which sticks with their Little Bo Peep motif) and whispers to the camera, "Completely disgusting." Wendy, in a shot with Austin working in the back, looks off-camera and makes a really annoyed face. I'm assuming she was looking at Vanessa's display.

Tim Gunn flips over the bodice of Jay's design. It's on the mannequin, and is a black leather corseted bodice, with a plunging neckline, a stiff upturned vinyl collar, and feathers at the shoulders. It looks pretty cool, and it's a neat merger of both Jay's and Kara Saun's styles. It's got the sleek, low-cut look of a Kara Saun dress, but the punk/asymmetrical look of Jay's designs. Tim says that the bodice is "a work of art in itself. Incredible!"

Now, on to hair and makeup. We hear Jay tell a hairdresser that he wants his model to have cornrows. Since each of the designers chose a model, each team gets a choice of three models to wear their design. Austin's team chooses Morgan. As slow-motion shots of Morgan acting all kinds of crazy are shown, Jay explains that Morgan has been difficult, dramatic, moody, and, uh yeah, crazy. We see that Austin is summoned to counsel Morgan because she is crying about something. He takes a frantic elevator ride to see her. Robert, meanwhile, interviews that Austin can overreact to things. They could have picked a better example for this. Morgan could provoke just about anyone. Morgan is upset because she is being asked to dye her hair red, but has been booked for a job the next week for which she is supposed to be blonde. That actually sounds pretty fair. I wouldn't cry about it, stupid Morgan, but I would certainly balk at having my look changed if it was going to cost me future employment. However, under the gaze of the cameras and all of the people paying attention to her, Morgan relents: "Fuck it. Just dye my hair." Why do they persist with this lunatic? As the girls are being made up, we get to see all of the lovely L'Oreal products used to make it happen. Eventually, Morgan's hair is a muted strawberry blonde. Nothing to freak out about.

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