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Vanessa interviews that she "responded to the stealing of the pattern by singing." That is an understatement. She starts play air pipe organ and screeching an impromptu song or incantation, I'm not sure. As a nod to Sarah Hudson's own awful song, Vanessa warbles something about Nora's being "on the verge of a nervous breakdown." She's SCREAMING. It's actually quite a display. She ends with "I can sew," which she holds an ear-piercingly long time, and then exits the Workshop. At this point, Jay warns, "Bitch is gonna get stabbed." They grow 'em funny in Whereversville, Pennsylvania. Nora interviews that she thinks Vanessa's singing was rude: "If you were in this situation, you would not want to hear a Broadway show about it." I wondered what show that song was from! Kara Saun replies that if she had been in that situation, she would have made the piece again instead of accusing everyone of stealing it. Nora totally loses her mind over this observation and says that she didn't accuse anyone of stealing it. It starts with a huffy "If I had accused you, you would have heard the words coming from my mouth." Uh, we did, Nora. Then, she absolutely dissolves and starts crying and mumbling: "I just don't know why Kara Saun had to say that to me!" She's totally Sally Field right now, down to her brown football-helmet hair. By the end of it, everyone -- including Kara Saun -- is trying to calm Nora down. Austin interviews that Nora did accuse them all of stealing the pattern, and Kara Saun simply called her on it. Jay is fanning Nora with a cardboard box, and Robert is trying to talk her off of her ledge. Alexandra asks them to not talk about her like she's not there! Just kidding. She doesn't say anything at all.

Kevin surmises that Nora needs to grow up, and that three hours were wasted on her crying. Well, when we got back from the commercial break, it was established that they only had one hour left in the Workshop.... Anyway, Nora interviews that her crying jag allowed her to focus. Then, they get to work for the remaining one/three hours remaining. Austin says, "Goodbye, dress." And, they leave for the night.

The next morning, the designers wonder how elimination will take place that day. Austin finds it "tricky," because they worked as teams, and Alexandra adds that the losing designer or the entire losing team might be eliminated. Nora has an idea: "I think I'm going to be going home today." She thinks that the team leader will be given the option of eliminating someone and that she will get the axe, "although [she] saved Kevin's ass by making him do work." Her take on her breakdown? "I had to psych out a little bit last night. It was the only way to get through." Oh my, Dillusionora. That was not a "psych out" that we witnessed. A "psych out" doesn't usually draw so many people into its sticky, highly dramatic web. Next time, keep your psych outs in your psyche. Then, Nora anticlimactically bets no one in particular a whopping $10 that if she is eliminated today, she will not cry. Are you psyching us out again, Nora? She usually seems much cooler than this. She is the youngest person there; maybe this is all just a little too much pressure for her.

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